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[Salsa] El Doloroso - ORQUESTA CASINO 77

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[Salsa] orquesta casino 77 de mike hernandez'' ''el doloroso''

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Cuban salsa, timba music recommendations and where to find it

Hi, a little prehistory - people in my town are mostly dancing LA salsa so DJs are mostly playing more music that suits that style, but I fell in love with salsa casino (Cuban salsa) rumba, afro, etc. At the beginning of my salsa life, I was dancing to everything and was not really filling the difference. But with time the knowledge came, I discovered Havana D'Premeira, Elito Reve y Su Charangon, Alexandr Abreu, Tromboranga, El Nino y La Verdad, Timbalive, and many other artists, bands. And now I'm more in love with those African patterns, cuban rumba rhythms...
So, I hope you will share some other great pieces of cuban salsa, timba music you enjoy and can't keep calm to.
And another question is - where to find/buy/download it because many great tracks that I find in videos from online classes or just parties are not on any music services like Spotify.
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GTA VI Credible Leak ?

here is my ID badge that i use to get in and out of work. ( Name and picture is blurred for my protection.) date 2019-2020.
Everyone has been waiting, a credible leak for Grand Theft Auto 6. I will not be stating my name or anything, this is a personal throwaway account, But I do work at Rockstar Games. This next addition to the title will be keeping the tradition of roman numerals, ( GTA VI ) but I will often refer to it as GTA 6, to make things easier.
be sure to read everything, as I have taken the risk and time to leak a lot of vital information.
First off I’d like to state that all previous leaks about GTA 6 is a hoax. All of the leaks regarding GTA 6 taking place in any other area than Vice City, is a hoax.
I will be breaking down the characters, storyline, and more.
Grand Theft Auto VI is designed to be the most developed video game in history, and redefine open sand box games, letting the player fully immerse in the world and storyline.
In Grand Theft Auto 6 the game will take place in Vice City, but the previous storyline leaks etc, is all fake. The plot is completely different,. The game will host 3 protagonists, one being a middle aged white man named Johnathon Brooks, but is often referred to as John. John is going thru a mid-life crisis, and lives on the returning area called Starfish Island. John essentially is a life long career criminal, and exposes the player to a new crime element, fraud. John was born in Carcer City, and moved to Vice City at age 17, after running away from his foster parents, not much is known about his previous life before then, except he was in a very poor family.
John got into the fraud game in the early 2000’s, and he is 38 in game. he earned his money thru many fraudulent activities like credit card fraud, bank fraud, and did a few small bank jobs, and laundered his money with his own car wash business. He lives in a $1.8m mansion that he bought with his illicit gains, and the FIB are on to him. He borrows money from the local gang in Little Haiti, where fraud is very prevalent, and he starts getting back into his older habits to pay off the gang. The FIB notices this, and he ends up doing dirty work for the FIB, in order to keep his freedom.
The second character is Samuel “Shotta” Stevens, who is a member of the Haitian gang. He is a black, Haitian based character with more character development, than Franklin from GTA 5. He is 26 in game. The game also focuses more on crime, and the gang element. The player will experience the brutal reality of the gang life in Vice City, in the slums of Little Haiti, from loan sharking and repossessing the unreliable clients, to brokering the sales, that being kilos of cocaine, for the South American Cartel. Samuel lives in a Section 8 apartment, in the Little Haiti Neighborhood with his grandmother, Amy.
Samuel just wants to move out of the hood, but loves the gang lifestyle, and this gets him caughtup in the FIB drama with John. The FIB cuts him a deal also, if he can snitch out his gang, which the player can choose to cooperate, or refuse. This will change the storyline of Samuel dramatically.
If you choose Option A: Snitch on the gang, You will snitch on the gang and work with John, who will show you the ropes of Fraud, and you both will defraud the bank of Schlongberg Sachs, commit multiple heists, and become a protege of John. Or of course you can choose, Option B: Refuse. Refusing will make Samuel a target of the FIB, and this causes him to gain more respect from his gang. The respect system from San Andreas is back, but new and improved. Samuel will expand his gang operations from Little Haiti, all the way to the Vice Keys, and beyond.
The Third Character is a man named Xavier Gonzalez. Xavier is a latino man born in Vice City, he is 40 years old, and a cocaine kingpin. He lives in Downtown Vice City in his lavish $1.5m penthouse. Xavier is friends with John from the beginning of the story. Xavier is apart of the story no matter what option you choose, providing cocaine to John to sell, OR, Providing cocaine to both John AND Samuel, to sell together, and to strengthen the gangs funds. The gang system is similar to Red Dead Redemption 2’s system, and also has elements of GTA San Andreas. Xavier is also tied in directly to the nightclub business as well, having stakes in the returning Malibu Club, now run by the Jimenez Family, a latino Mafia, who has ties directly to the South American Cartel.
Each Character has a different personality and lifestyle, and will be a exceptional experience for the player. Former characters from past GTA’s will be making appearances. Luis WILL be returning, being a manager of the Malibu Club, Stranger and Freaks missions are returning with a more in depth story for every one of them, and Michael De Santa and his wife, Amanda, will be returning also, living in a beach house, although their children will not make any appearances. The both do not play a VITAL part in the storyline, but will have stranger and freaks missions for any character, with all different outcomes. For example, passing by the state penitentiary, you may just recognize Lamar Davis, in a bluish grey jumpsuit, embellished with a pair of handcuffs wrapped around his wrists, demanding for a ride.
The map of GTA VI, will be bigger than GTA V and RDR2 combined, having several counties, having Vice City, based on Miami, the Vice Keys, based on the Florida Keys, The Everglades, based on the swampy Everglades in Florida. The game will also feature Orlando, which is named Corlado, and Tampa, named as Gulf Shore City, but downsized a bit. The game will feature sprawling countryside outside of Vice City and Corlado, with countryside towns, named Canisville, Centura, and Sentinel Point, along with towns along the Vice Keys. There is an Air Force Base, based of off Eglin Air Force Base, named Fort Sentinel. The Ocean is the Atlantic Ocean, with more shipwrecks to discover, plants and animals, and more. The game itself has as many animals as RDR2, and the player can hunt if they choose, although this is just a more of a minigame. Vigilante Missions will be back, along with Taxi Missions.
Character Customization will be better, from the belt on your waist, to the socks on your feet. Choose to your liking of luxury watches, rings, chains, earrings, featuring plain jane, to diamonds and rubies, emeralds, and more. Belts can be worn along with hightops, to lowtops and boots, and dress shoes. Pantlegs can be tucked into the footwear you choose, if the option is available. Tattoos will be back, along with hair customization. John is white so he can tan, or be sunburned, and the core system from RDR 2 is back aswell.
Tattoos will feature opacity and can also fade over time. You will be able to adjust the size of the tattoo. It will be able to be placed on over 10 different area of the body depending the size.
Since the core system is back, you will have to also bathe, to stay clean, otherwise you may notice changes in your cores.
You will have to eat to replenish cores, so you can cook in your safehouse, or go eat out in a restaurant, whether it be fast food or upscale. All characters can have relationships with women, similar to GTA 4 and GTA San Andreas. You will be able to buy extra safehouses around the map, and the amount of vehicles will be the same amount that are in GTA Online, and more. Every vehicle will be returning, and first person mode will be more enhanced, with more realistic vehicle interiors to immerse the player into every aspect of the game. South America will not be apart of the game, only Vice City and surrounding Areas.
Skills from GTA V is also being integrated back, along with exercising, to boost strength. Agility is a new added skill, and Strength will affect how hard you punch, kick, or melee in general.
Special Abilities so far, will not be coming back. This may be tweaked before release, but if they return, it will not be a major part of the game.
Car Customization is more advanced, different leather trims can be changed colors, along with wood trims and marble trims. You can add satellite radio, which lets you listen to radio stations in Los Santos, and Liberty City, but so far there is only two stations from each of those cities. You can also listen to all the radio stations across the counties. Neon is back, new spoilers and liveries as well, Along with different colors of tint. Subwoofers will be a standard upgrade as well.
Los Santos Customs is gone, and Pay and Spray is back, along with Viceland Kustomz, and Sentinel Bike Shop. You can also modify certain parts at the car dealerships.
The drug dealing system from GTA: China Town Wars is also returning, but a bit revamped. This is where the post office system comes in, from RDR2. Pounds of Marijuana sourced from Los Santos delivered by mail, to a post office near you. From weed to tabs of LSD, all the way to meth, heroin, and cocaine, you can reap major profits.
Casinos will be returning as well, one being a resort, others being small-time casinos. You will be able to rent a room in the casino and resort. The casino is named as the Malibu Casino and Resort.
Gunplay is improved with new realistic sounds. Interiors are just as detailed as GTA V or RDR2, if not more, I’d say. The insurance system from GTA Online will be integrated into GTA VI’s story mode, so losing a vehicle will not happen.
There is an abundance of new and old activities, that being over 50 strangers and freaks missions, drug supplying, or drug running, similar to GTA TBOGT’s drug missions. You can hunt, as stated before, but is more of a minigame than a money maker. You can fish as well, as fishing is a very popular sport, in modern day Florida.
There will be four strip clubs scattered around the map, one of them named Vanilla Unicorn South East, which is owned by Trevor Phillips, who is planned to make a cameo, only to be featured in a cutscene so far.
Nightclubs as I stated before, will be a thing. There will be 3 nightclubs, where you can take part in a few activities, like dancing, where you can meet your date in game, or drinking and smoking. Expect SOLOMUN, and BLACK MADONNA to return. You will see in game appearances of them DJing in the nightclubs. No other DJ’s will return.
Bounty hunting will not be a thing, but dirty work for the FIB throughout the story will be similar. Pool and bowling is returning, along with player skills, exercise and working out also is a thing, as stated above earlier.
Convenience stores and gas stations will feature many products you can purchase. Snacks, that being Phat chips, (different flavors yield more health and core restoration) candy bars, ( EgoChaser, Meteorite, Zebra Bar, and more) drinks, (E Cola, Sprunk,) Alcohol, (Pisswasser, Champagne, Logger) Redwood cigarettes, and cigars. The stores will be setup similar to RDR2’s store system. You can rob the stores, and also start a protection racket, and extort them.
Pharmacys will be in the game, to purchase portable med kits, or you can rob the pharmacy for drugs and money.
The way you eat can also affect your character’s health, and weight. Similar to GTA San Andreas’s system.
Merryweather will return, but won’t have the same presence as it did in GTA V. Merryweather ends up not being able to operate on U.S. soil, and goes out of business as a hit is put on Don Percival, by one of the returning characters from GTA V.
An advanced parkour system is integrated as well, similar to GTA IV’s.
Gun stores will be prevalent as this is based off of Florida. The homeless man who found the diamonds, from GTA TBOGT will also make an appearance as a gun store owner, as he has proceeded to purchase and start a gun shop in the area of South Vice Beach.
The black market for weapons is featured in this game as well, similar to fences in RDR2. You can also craft bombs/projectiles if you have learned to.
Realism is a goal of this game, without being too overwhelming. Guns and weapons will need to be cleaned. If you shoot a gun, you will smell of gun powder, this may be noticed by civilians or police officers, and they will make comments about it. If you have not bathed, you may just get absurd insults slurred at you. If you have blood stained on you, and you smell of blood, people may give you weird looks, or may just make a call to the local Law Enforcement.
As for those who DM me or ask about Strangers and Freaks, or mysteries and riddles, the paranormal world will be featured in GTA VI. You may encounter serial killers, or creepy sightings in dreary areas. Strangers and freaks will all have its own unique storyline.
The weather system is IMPROVED SIGNIFICANTLY aswell. Hurricanes do take place, but only during certain parts of the storyline, and floods may occur in marshland areas and anywhere away from mainland.
Melee Combat system is based off of strength, and Agility, which is a new skill, as stated above, and is improved heavily. Hand combat is influenced by strength and agility. Based on how hard you hit the opponent, you may bruise them, and bruise yourself. The chainsaw is returning as well. The limbs and gore is back from RDR2
Dialogue System from GTA San Andreas and RDR2 is back, and improved, with different responses every time.
GPS and Navigation System will be improved, showing the quickest routes, from alleyways to the freeway. Every street will have a name, and the GPS voice from GTA IV is returning as well, get ready to hear “Turn Left in 500 yards, Bing Bong.” Planes will have autopilot, and you can fly to each city with plane tickets, or on your own.
Driving mechanics will be similar to GTA IV’s, but combined with the smoothness of GTA V’s mechanics. Damage to the vehicle will be more detailed then ever, featuring airbag damage as well. EVERY Vehicle will have its own selected weight, and handling, to improve the player’s experience.
Six star wanted level is back, with FIB being the 6th star. There is multiple law enforcement agencies. VCPD, GSCPD, CPD, SPPD, Highway Patrol, FIB, IAA, Viceland State Patrol, as well as the NOOSE. You will not be shot by cops for just staring at them.
Being arrested results in you serving time, similar to RDR 1’s Jail time mechanic, showing you all of your charges while you sit in a cell. The first time you get arrested it will show your character being booked, and you will have to take a mugshot and be fingerprinted. Depending on the county or city you’ve been arrested in, you will be known to local law enforcement and even law abiding citizens, depending on how severe your charges are.
Random events are more realistic than ever. depending on the wanted level you’ve attained, there is a system similar to the bounty system of RDR2. The more crimes you’ve commited that have gained attention of law enforcement, you have a chance of getting your hotel room getting kicked in by noose, your safe house getting staked out by undercover FIB, even being pulled over if you have commited a number of crimes in the same vehicle. You may witness muggings, or even be mugged yourself. You will encounter situations with homeless people to the rich and famous, with all different outcomes.
Real Estate as stated before, will be available to all three characters. Businesses will be available, illicit and legal, from businesses to launder cash for the gang, to illicit businesses like credit fraud rings, to counterfeit cash.
Safe houses will be available as well. A penthouse in Corlado, a modern mansion on Starfish Island, a beach house on Ocean Beach, a small quaint house in Canisville, a traditional house in Gulf Shore City, a vacation-style home in the Vice Keys, to small apartments in small towns like Centura or Sentinel Point. Each character will be able to purchase any of these properties, but it will be tied to just the one character that purchased it.
Hotels and Motels will also be available to rent rooms and bathe in, one being the Gulf Shore motel, a dingy motel room for cheap, perfect for someone wanting a cheap stay. The Malibu Casino and Resort near Vice Beach, a 5 star luxury stay, with a two-story penthouse with a jacuzzi the player can bathe in, with views of Vice Beach, and the nearby Ocean Beach. There is 4 hotels and 2 motels scattered across the map, each with unique interiors and different amenities.
Purchasing vehicles you can enter a dealership, or purchase online and have it delivered to a garage. Pegasus Concierge is returning. Certain stolen vehicles will have trackers, and will not be able to be modified, same as GTA V.
The stock market is also returning, BAWSAQ and VLSM ( Vice Land Stock Market ) and can reap heavy profits as well.
Time goes by: This game is set in 2017-2019. Times will change thruout, buildings will be completed as they were in RDR2, radio stations will not play all of the music in the tracklist at first. Instead it will play newer music thruout the storyline. You will still hear older and newer songs too after completion.
Character customization is not just clothing, tattoos, jewelry and hair customization. You can also purchase 3 different phone models. an iFruit phone, based on the iPhone Xr, a Badger phone, or a Whiz Wireless. You will also be able to purchase ringtones, as you were able to do in GTA IV. You can also purchase an iFruit watch, based on the apple watch, which you can take calls on, if you change your settings.
Depending on how rough you play, clothing can wear and tear. Examples: jumping out of a moving vehicle, falling off/on rocks, tripping on certain props.
As stated above, NPC’s will notice the clothing you wear, the way you look or smell, the car you drive, and the jewelry you wear, and will make comments on it.
Crouching will be back, the same as RDR2, and the cover system is nearly the exact same cover system as RDR2.
ALSO Expect a Special Edition, AND Collector’s Edition, similar to RDR2.
The game is set in the summer of 2017 to 2019 as the storyline proceeds. This game WILL BE PS5 Exclusive, for the first month. The in-game experience is like no other, PS5 also has a new controller design as well. It is projected to not release until later 2020, AFTER holiday season BUT MAY BE DELAYED. I have broken down the storyline, key elements of the game, and if anyone has anymore questions I will be happy to answer. I know so much about this game as I’ve been working on it since the start, and I’m not afraid to get in trouble, as this is a throwaway.
I will not be responding to negative comments, claiming this is fake, because I will not waste my time with non-believers, only true questions.
all content is confirmed unless it has been mentioned by me to not be officially confirmed already, and anything may be scrapped before release as cut content, but is unlikely
*PLEASE UPVOTE. I do not want my effort and the risks I am taking to go to waste. I want this to not get buried. *
if you have questions or WANT MORE? (screenshots or photos as proof, radio stations, confirmed tracklists or more) Send Me A Chat.
You may see songs from previous games, as Rockstar may have the licenses still, or has renewed them.
Satellite Radio: Liberty City
Beat 102.7- Hosted By DJ Whoo Kid
Beat 102.7 Logo- https://imgur.com/a/To0Wi8c
Liberty Rock Radio- Hosted By Iggy Pop
LRR Logo- https://imgur.com/a/5dCcVwB
Satellite Radio:
Radio Los Santos- Hosted By BigBoy
Radio Los Santos Logo- https://imgur.com/a/XUqjEed
Los Santos Rock Radio- Hosted By Kenny Loggins
Los Santos Rock Radio Logo- https://imgur.com/a/KxkMMd6
NightRide FM Hosted By Kavinsky
NightRide FM Logo- https://imgur.com/a/bb0hXDP
Corlado’s Hottest Jams 103.7 Hosted By Feliciá Williams and DJ Diamondz
CHJ 103.7 Logo- https://imgur.com/a/eWauMMj
V-Rock FM Hosted By Couzin Ed
V-Rock FM Logo- https://imgur.com/a/9zQUsAE
Vice City’s Retro Mix , 104.7 Fm Hosted By Fernando Martinez
VCRM 104.7 FM Logo- https://imgur.com/a/wdrjsLH
Vice City Classic Hip Hop Hosted By DJ slick slim
Vice City Classic Hip Hip Logo- https://imgur.com/a/f859okr
Viceland’s Country Radio (VLCR) Hosted By Derrick Jones
VLCR Logo- https://imgur.com/a/VwZ1jw3
GSC-EDM FM ( Gulf Shore City EDM Fm ) Hosted By Gulf Shore City FM.
GSC-EDM FM Logo- https://imgur.com/a/2zAlvsR
The Sunrise Fm ( Reggae music ) Hosted By Marshall Peters
The Sunrise Fm Logo- https://imgur.com/a/ea639SV
Vice Rap Radio ( VRR ) ( modern florida rap ) Hosted By DJ Josué Da Kidd
Vice Rap Radio Logo- https://imgur.com/a/F6qeX0U
The Groove 109.2 Hosted By Vaughn Harper
The Groove 109.2 Logo- https://imgur.com/a/vuon14i
Baila Ahora Radio (modern spanish station) Hosted By Amada Abrantes
Baila Ahora Radio Logo- https://imgur.com/a/TpBFTTd
Interesante Musica Radio ( modern and old spanish music ) Hosted By Selená Martinez * Los Hermanos Rosario, La Dueña Del Swing * los reyes del merengue, El Baile del Beeper - Versión Merengue * Celia Cruz, La Vida Es Un Carnaval * INDIA, Marc Anthony, Vivir Lo Nuestro * Felipe Muñiz, Marc Anthony, Deje de Amar * Ivy Queen, Dime * Monchy and Alexandra, Alexandra
Musica de Clásico FM ( Salsa ) Hosted By Pedro Simmóns
Flash FM ( 2000’s and 90’s pop) Hosted By DJ Toni
Flash FM Logo- https://imgur.com/a/iWIYd8s
Ocean Beach Classics FM (80’s synth pop) Hosted By DJ Teri
OBC FM Logo- https://imgur.com/a/5C1JVGJ
The Wave 103 (Slow/Vocal Synthwave + Indie Synth) Hosted By Adam First, Trish Camden
The Wave 103 Logo- https://imgur.com/a/Ku0amCT
Centura County Country Hits ( newer country ) Hosted By Rick Hanson
Centura County Country Hits Logo- https://imgur.com/a/wppVRMu
The Keys Rock Radio ( mix of rock) Hosted By Gerald Ritsky
The Keys Rock Radio Logo- https://imgur.com/a/JpWpA8x
Viceland Lithium Radio ( Hardcore Rock, Heavy Metal ) ( VLLR ) Hosted By VLLR.
VLLR Logo- https://imgur.com/a/wOsEIlj
Trap House Radio ( Trap Rap ) Hosted By DJ BlueBandz
Trap House Radio Logo- https://imgur.com/a/lyG3FGA
Anarchy Radio 98.5 FM ( Alt Rock, Punk) Hosted By Jason Lavigne
Chatterbox Vice City Talk Radio
CBVCTR Logo- https://imgur.com/a/FKko1f1
CTR Corlado Talk Radio
-host, Lazlow - Fernando Martinez
Viceland News Network VLNN
VLNN Logo- https://imgur.com/a/yaBucdY
Host- Vanessa Hopkins, Weazel News. - Updates on weather and Weazel News
Ignore this below.
Legal Disclaimer: This post is not affiliated with Rockstar Games or Take-Two Interactive, or its subsidiaries, In any way, shape or form, and should be taken as satirical. Ignore this below.
Legal Disclaimer: This post is not affiliated with Rockstar Games or Take-Two Interactive, or its subsidiaries, In any way, shape or form, and should be taken as satirical.
Along with the No phone, No photos policy, It will be very difficult to get OFFICIAL screenshots. Here is a official, accurate sketch of the GTA VI Minimap and cores design
Here is the sketch of the mini map on computer.
I will be uploading more sketches soon.
Here’s my Rockstar badge / ID. it is dirty, apologies. The rockstar logo, imprinted on the card itself, along with my photo, blurred out, my name below it, and the expiration date, years 2019-2020. this is only an ID to get into the building. since i have released a bit of proof, stop spreading misinformation
You can still trust my leak, but here is a legal disclaimer so I cannot be targeted.
Ignore this below.
-legal disclaimer. this is fictional and not proven, this post is not associated with taketwo or rockstar games in any way, shape, or form.
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No es mi problema

Recordando pude encontrar un titulo afín a ésta anécdota. Enero o febrero, no sé; pero te puedo asegurar que se trataba de un día muy frio, y un servidor bastante frito en todos los aspectos. Aún borracho, salí en la mañana para dirigirme a otro lugar donde quedarme. Estando en Guadalupe, limitando con Juarez caminé a la estación donde conecta la ruta con el metro. Caminé cuarenta minutos entre respiros irregulares, la nariz roja y los pies mojados por el agua helada, misma que se colaba por el cuero de mis tenis. Mientras pensaba con quien podría pasar el rato, a sabiendas que no tendría ni un peso, ni nada que ofrecer más que mi tiempo y mi cuerpo. Odiaba sentirme patético ante mis amigos, conocidos y familiares. Aunque siempre sabía que después de situaciones de ese tipo, llega un punto en donde no se puede caer más, y buscas de nuevo la estabilidad emocional. Un trabajo, escuela , escribir, lo que fuera. Y luego, apenas encontrándola recaer de nuevo en la enfermedad y la miseria. Un circulo sin salida, del cual ya me había habituado desde hace años. Podría darme una vuelta al casino donde solía trabajar, si tengo suerte estará ahí la hostess que acostumbraba saludarme con un abrazo, y un beso húmedo. Bella; de ascendencia inca, cabello castaño, y unos cuantos mechones platinados pero con cuerpo de veinteañera . Quise suspirar, cosa que no pude hacer por la congestión. Imaginaba mi pasado, tomando sus manos y ella respondiendo con sus dedos entrelazando los míos. Era su ''novio'', Liz bromeaba con sus compañeras abrazándome. Yo respondiendo a su cariño, malinterpretando la confianza, como todo hombre. Siempre optaba por nunca averiguar su intención, ni la de ninguna mujer. Una visión idealista del amor nunca funciona, al menos no funcionó mi. El dolor, el rechazo te obliga a ver la realidad como tal. Liz casi tenía la edad de mi madre, y dos hijos. Ahora no sonaba mala idea un romance e incluso algo más serio. Llegaría con el pretexto de cobrar mis doscientos pesos de liquidación, y me toparía con ella. No con la tatuada, ni con la host del novio posesivo. A ella le tocaría el turno de mañana, sea entrando o saliendo, es igual. Pero allí estaría. Conversando, compartiendo unas papas con carne, acomodándome el cuello de la chaqueta, y tocando un rostro frio y enrojecido, sintiendo sus largas uñas descansar sobre mi piel cicatrizada. Trataría de convencerla de dejarme pasar una noche, sin parecer que llevo varios días viviendo entre calles, la central y el parque alamey. Había tenido la fortuna de dormir los últimos días bajo techo, y me sentía con suerte. Como dije, la realidad no tardó en traicionarme estando a unos pasos de mi ex trabajo. ¿Y ahora que? Tendría que hacer todo el papeleo, para que me suelten la feria. Si no esta Liz tendría que esperar varias horas hasta tarde. Suponiendo que logro convencerla, y me la paso en su casa. ¿Que me esperaría ahí? Una chica adolescente mirándome, torciendo la boca y preguntando a su madre quien soy. Un niño diciéndome ''señor'', mirando hacia arriba con su juguete en la mano. Tal vez estaría durmiendo junto a Liz en su sofá abrazándome, después de jugar un poco con su hijo. El señor de la casa llegaría esperando la cena, y al encontrarme me echaría a patadas sin siquiera haber tenido contacto sexual con ella por la apatía. O peor aún. Me presentaría con su esposo, y el me saludaría amistosamente porque es inteligente y sabe que no soy nada para ella. Desistí, y me volví de nuevo a la avenida. Tengo otro amigo viviendo cerca, a casi una hora caminando de donde me encontraba. Tiene televisión por cable, y probablemente tenga cerveza. Al recordar que su casa era un congelador, decidí darle una sorpresa a la familia probablemente se acercaba el cumpleaños de alguien y habría reunión. A duras penas completaba el pasaje de la ruta y el metro. Sabía que llegando al centro de Monterrey, caminaría otra hora para llegar con ellos. Comida, agua caliente, una cerveza y un techo hasta que mejore el clima, y de ahí no sé. Solo me tragaría las preguntas de siempre ¿Como has estado?, ¿Sigues trabajando?, ¿Y la escuela? Después recibiría con mucho aprecio la cortesía casi obligada que me ofrece la amorosa familia. Entré a la estación del transmetro, dirigiéndome a donde tenía que echar las monedas y las eché. Las escuché caer hasta el fondo del tragamonedas, mientras el ruido me aturdía. Apenas traté de atravesar el frio torniquete, y sentí un duro golpe que me sacó el aire. Este ni siquiera se movió, lo empujé otra vez y se acercó el guardia de seguridad. Un sujeto agradable. -Disculpe señor, me puede ayudar, es que no puedo pasar. -No puedes entrar así-dijo-al verme perdiendo el equilibrio-. -¿Así como?-dije-no le estoy faltando el respeto a nadie, mucho menos la ando cagando, solo quiero irme a mi casa. -Mírate como andas, mejor agarra un camión. Nadie se puede subir en estado de ebriedad, le pido de favor que se retire, si no me veré obligado a hablarle a la patrulla. Al menos fue cortés, y lo hubiera hecho de no tener la necesidad. -Compa, el torniquete se tragó lo que me quedaba de efectivo ¿Como voy a regresar entonces? Tíreme paro se lo suplico. -Ese no es mi problema, le pido de favor que se retire. Enfurecí. -No me voy a ir hasta recuperar mis monedas. -Entonces voy a hablarle a la patrulla. Sacó su radio. -Usted es el que me está robando. No respondió, estaba preparando mi puño pero vi su otra mano en la cintura sosteniendo un gas pimienta. Me preguntaba si los entrenaban para ese tipo de situaciones, y quien llegaría primero. Si fallaba me iría igual a transito con los ojos maltrechos, dejando ileso al hijo de su puta madre. Apenas le di la espalda con resignación, y vi la silla de carta blanca, atada con un alambre que usaba de asiento. Un modesto teléfono, conectado al toma corriente descansaba ahí. Caminé hacia la silla y le di una patada con todas mis fuerzas. Vi el teléfono, y la silla volar escasos metros, ni me molesté en ver donde cayeron. Crucé la avenida riendo mostrandole los dientes chuecos al guardia. El se limitó a mirarme con el ceño fruncido vociferando en su radio. Caminé rumbo a la siguiente estación, y me salté el torniquete. Definitivamente seguía con suerte.
De esas raras veces que amanecí con una resaca ligera, sin nauseas. Las cosas nunca mejoran, la nostalgia hace mella en las tripas, en el espíritu, y te engaña. Una bonita forma de aceptar la resignación. Viendo el pasado como una mejor época, sin darte cuenta que en esa misma decías que era la misma mierda de ahora, y poco a poco vas glorificando tus malos días con pequeños detalles. No pude quejarme, la pasé bien anoche. Primera paga, un jale temporal, y un par de gramos de pase. Me lavé la cara, los dientes, usando solo una gota de pasta dental para no estropear el gusto, pensaba tomar un café para paliar un poco la depresión. Hice unas cuantas gárgaras cabeza arriba, y con la garganta aun adormecida escupí una espuma roja como flor de jamaica. Acostumbraba siempre a cepillarme con violencia, y más si no recordaba nada de lo que hice la noche anterior. Arribé a un pequeño centro comercial que abrió hace poco acá en Garza Sada. De arquitectura sofisticada e iluminado con luz natural. Había un HEB, y al lado una cafetería de la misma tienda. Casi en frente un Sally Beauty, y a través del cristal sus vendedoras. Una, delgada y bonita. La otra, regordeta pero también bonita. La tercera no la vi, atendía a una madre, de esas que salen en la sección de sociales en el periódico. Ambas bonitas. En fin. Me dirigí a comprar un café, metí las manos en todos los bolsillos de mis jeans sucios. Veintitrés pesos decía la carta arriba de la caja, y en mi mano seis, y dos vellos púbicos. El bajón me hizo olvidar como iba a sobrevivir los siguientes días. Solo quería un café, y gastar las horas viendo la gente pasar, y esperar a que baje el sol. Quien sabe como le hice para desaparecer todo. Ni me esmeré en buscar culpables. Daba igual si fueron los municipales, algún jotillo o la mujer dañada a la cual le estaba invitando. No andaba tan pedo, ya que siempre acostumbro, a utilizar mucha coca y poco alcohol. Recurriendo al ultimo para bajar la ansiedad y los nervios. Nunca le encuentro sentido a quienes esnifan puntos para bajar la borrachera, o para quitar el hambre, o para permanecer despiertos. Muy común en usuarios comunes. No sirve para ninguna de esas cosas, y lo he comprobado. Me gustaba la adrenalina, la lucidez y la cara adormecida. Tan simple como la vida. Así como yo, el único sospechoso y culpable de mis pendejadas. Aunque seguía apostando, que fue algún gracioso, cuya intención era drogar a la borracha con la que andaba compartiendo fluidos, no con besos. Bueno si, pero no era ella sino la botella en la que estábamos bebiendo. Debieron de ser verdes o rivotriles.
Fingía esperar a alguien en una banca frente al área de cajas. De vez en vez, miraba a las mesas para ver quien era el primero en acabar su taza vespertina. El turno le tocó a dos rucos, bien vestidos y serios. El de anteojos, y con sobrepeso enrollaba los planos, el otro apagaba su laptop. ¿Ingenieros? ¿Arquitectos? ¿Accionistas? El gesto severo les hacía ver importantes, para mi lo eran. Ya que ansiaba el vasito de cartón, con la etiqueta pegada del refill de todo el día de hoy, que justo se encontraba en la cima del contenedor. Tomé el vaso, mirando furtivamente hacia todos lados. Era tan malo como robar, y tenían razón. El café de veintitrés, costó millones de inversión para que estuviese ahí. Ganancias y perdidas diarias. Acciones subiendo y bajando. Horas de estrés y desvelo. El dejar de ser un ser humano pensante, para convertirte en ese monstruo que llaman empresario o emprendedor. Hasta la basura debía ser capitalizada para un plan de emergencia, en caso de liquidación. La seguridad privada se encargaba de eso. De vigilar, y repeler cualquier amenaza. Limosneros, perpenadores, vendedores ambulantes, músicos callejeros, competencia. Todos peligrosos. La élite y su deber de dividir a la población, con la filosofía barata del éxito, del amor propio. Los pobres, felices con la ilusión de tener millones,competir y sobresalir, y su mentalidad millonaria. Los ricos, más astutos que inteligentes. Expertos en la avaricia, la ciencia que llaman economía. Los millones no valen nada cuando tienes todo el mercado, eso no se lo dicen al resto. Mas bien no es necesario, si se tiene todo bajo control. Y eso lo ves en las universidades, donde sus egresados son adoctrinados para pelear en el mundo empresarial, y no para progresar intelectualmente. Praxeología, la ley del más fuerte. Puto neoliberalismo. Pero quien soy yo para decir, escribir, y dar opiniones. Soy un adicto, una persona inmoral y desechable. Un ignorante. Sabía que estaba pensando con la voz, al ver miradas. Los ignoré, y vi como se dejaba caer, el delicioso chorro humeante que salía de uno de los termos cilíndricos. Café de chiapas, decía la leyenda. Sin crema, ni azúcar dije yo. Mi plan era quedarme hasta que alguno de los de seguridad me corriera. No pasó. Había recogido también una orilla de pizza. Era deliciosa, a pesar de los mordiscos y de haber venido de la basura. La salsa de tomate, discreta, en la marca dentada del pan le daba un toque dulzón. Estupendo con el café, casi gourmet. Observé, mientras bebía y rellenaba. Familias, parejas, estudiantes, hombres, mujeres. Toda una amalgama de personas. Siendo normales. Y felices. Las mismas preguntas de siempre. ¿Que hice mal? ¿Por qué no soy como ellos? Hace muchos años, encontré las respuestas. Pensar mucho, pero en nada realmente. Y pues, bastantes veces tuve la oportunidad. Con AA, NA, la iglesia católica, cristiana, la carrera y una mujer que trató de enderezarme, por mero capricho. ¿Inseguridad? Es lo que diría un ordinario. Mejor no saberlo. Me negaba a cavar mi propia tumba. A ser uno más. Moriría pudriéndome en el asfalto, por un pequeño sorbo de libertad, y una cucharada de la dulce miel de las artes. Nada menos. Las cajeras fijaron su atención, hablándose al oído. A veces movía los labios mientras pensaba. Hora de irme. Di unas vueltas más por el mall, con dos tipos siguiéndome. Justo a unos pasos de la escalera eléctrica. Llegaron jóvenes, vistiendo chalecos verdes. Limpios, impecables y sonrientes. Hablaban con la gente. No me preocupé, aprendí a vestirme bien para ahuyentar a vendedores y demás. No funcionó con ellos. No recuerdo como se llamaba. Creo que Alejandra. Las puntas del cabello, color fantasía, y unas manos clarificadas, y suaves; muy suaves. Me saludó, y le extendí mi mano áspera, por los químicos abrasivos que usaba en el jale. -Deja te explico quienes somos, supongo que has oído hablar de nosotros. Asentí diciendo que los conocía, de todas maneras lo hizo. Y recordé a Benny, de espécimen. Eran de greenpeace. Estaban recabando firmas para detener los pozos de gas y petroleo en alaska. Me contó sobre los logros. Y las nuevas problemáticas ambientales en el ártico. Lo lograron con Obama, ahora seguía Trump. Si viviera en alguna península, estaría realmente jodido. -¿Que piensas sobre que está pasando?-dijo enseñando unas fotos-la fauna está muriendo, mira como los osos polares mueren sobre trozos de hielo. -Sabía un poco, pero jamas vi a un oso en los huesos casi expuestos. La foto me perturbó bastante. Quería firmar, tenía también el presentimiento de que quería algo más. Por algo andaban merodeando en un lugar, de arquitectura sustentable. Y con la estética de mascotas, buscaban donadores y voluntarios. Me preguntaba si sabían sobre los horrores que vivían los activistas de pueblos originarios. Falsos. Bueno no. Solo estaba dividido con la clase media. Ya no tengo la edad, como para ansiar venganza de clases, son como yo, y yo como ellos. Pero no podía ayudarlos, estaba quebrado y me daba vergüenza decirlo, en especial a una mujer que me atraía. -Ayudas mucho con el simple hecho de que te interese-dijo- se ve que te importa bastante salvar el planeta. En otra vida lo hubiera hecho. Lo hice años atrás. Con los activistas alcohólicos, radicales, rompiendo vitrinas y pintarrajeando tiendas de mascotas. La chica se acercaba más y más. Discretamente daba pasos hacia atrás, y me seguía. No porque quisiese abandonarle. Disfrutaba jocosamente la verborrea. Su aliento cálido, agradable. Mientras yo apestaba a sudor, vistiendo la misma ropa de hace ocho años, no quería que me oliera. Tal vez lo sabía, y no le importaba. -Lo siento amiga, no traje mi tarjeta de nomina-dije-si quieres hago la firma en la pagina web. No tenía tarjeta, ni seguro social. -No te preocupes, pasame tu numero de teléfono, y whats. Anota el mio también. Platicamos en la noche, y nos conocemos ¿Que te parece? -Perdón, no tengo pila, no me sé el numero y traigo prisa. Su mirada cambió, se puso triste, eso creo. -Está bien-dijo con voz apagada-, de todas formas, gracias por tu tiempo. Salí de la plaza, los de seguridad ya no me seguían. No me sentí con ganas de hablar, dejando correr otra oportunidad. No lo creo. Aun así estaba seguro de que me porté como un idiota.
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S4 Week 6 | Queenapalooza (Judges' Critiques)

Good night, groupies! After tonight's performance one our contestants will be retiring from the stages for this season, but who will it be?
Please welcome our judges!
Sally Spellman, looking like the LSD you took for inspiration for your music!
Miyu Moon, our resident kill our die romantic!
With special guest judge
Sulphur Bomme, who will help decide who gets the winner's mayo!
This week, our contestants were tasked with creating posters for their debut concerts as musicians alongside music video looks based on their assigned genres!

Although you did a great job this week, you didn't flop nor top the charts, you were radio friendly enough.

You're safe this week and still on the run for the crown.

The rest of you you represent the Highs and Lows of the week. Starting with...


Sally Spellman: You’ve managed to have the most eye catching poster in my opinion, it’s a very moody piece and the colors grab your attention in the best way possible, the perspective is a little wonky, especially since the text not completely lining up, my only issue is there no being acknowledgement of when the event is going to happen, no venue, no website, no date! Adding those little details that would have cemented this at a complete 10/10.
Your outfit is lovely and I’m here for a bearded queen who actually integrates a beard into a look in a way that goes along with everything and not just for the gag of having a beard. The abstractness of the look is cool but I think everything is wacky and you have a very simple hat, so it should have definitely been more extra than what you’ve got there, I’ve seen some people rag on you about the wobbliness of your looks but I don’t think it’s something you’ve overdone at all, it in some way is part of your style because that’s how you presented your queen to begin with and you’ve proved you’re capable of doing different things but I wonder if you can serve us more rigid shapes for next week or whenever the opportunity comes. The colors in your look being the same palette as your poster but more muted was a really nice touch and I think it would look amazing on a music video.
Miyu Moon: First off, this poster, WOW, it grabbed my attention immediately and absolutely makes me want to see this show. It is really minimal on the info, I think it could have used a little more info even if it was just a "Saturday night at 'that' Club" or something vague, just to give it a little more of a realistic poster feel. As it is now it could possibly be a movie or something, but that being said the saxophone and mic do kinda force me to assume a musical element so that does help send me in a direction. But overall, this poster still does what a poster should, it grabs my attention and it gives me a feeling and I want more. The angle is so dramatic, the fact that she's laying in such an askew way but looks so satisfied it really gives me some sense of wildness that I want to see live. I would typically associate the jazz age with some classier dress, so to see you so wildly nude and unhinged I'll have to assume this is some bootlegger party in an underground club and I want in.
The outfit pairs perfectly with your poster, I can imagine that underneath this neon coloured zoot suit you're ready to turn into that stage poster version of yourself. I'm not sure how but I do agree that these colours lend to the feel of jazz, there's something so bright and brassy about the sound that you translated well into your look. Bagginess can often look really shapeless so you made a smart choice to show parts of yourself and still give us some sexy body to balance out the shapelessness of the suit coat. I also love all the tiny details with the stitching and sparkles and whatnot, they also help give shape to something that could otherwise just be a blob, so all the choices in your material use are really "right". And the blue lip is a perfect touch, just a little bit of cool tone to stand out from the warmness you've got going on. Really great look, I can imagine this in a video of you dancing and singing around very sultry and slowly revealing yourself to the camera until we reach your final, most sinful form.
Sulphur Bomme: Hello Ripper! Overall I feel like this is a great hybrid genre of Jazz and incorporating your own Ripper Hole stylistic twist to it. I really think the colour scheme plays well into the Jazz theme, I thought of the Monsters Inc. title card and that has a jazz track to it so it really invoked that theme, not just in your poster but throughout your work. I think this is my favourite concept of the week, honestly.
I love the production of perspective in this, You’re really showing off your artistic knowledge in a way that isn’t primarily focusing on fashion. It kinda puts you up as a really well rounded individual and it doesn’t make the poster feel like a flat, boring image. I think to push this it might’ve needed a bit of tailoring - I focused more so on the objects in frame rather than Ripper (who in this case is the main headlining act) so your colour choices would have benefitted from shifting the object tones to a colour that suits the background so they are still present, have an iconic focus, but not as much as Ripper who would have benefited from a more yellow or orange sort of hue.
Your outfit I enjoy a lot because it matches your act quite well, super clear to me that you’re going to be performing your songs in some retro futurism minimalistic ideal that American homeowners aspire to be a part of , and you haven’t shied away from a lot of colour. Nitpick - I think when it comes to colour,try to be a bit cautious with the saturation, especially red hues because of it being such a rich physical colour for the eyes.
I want you to start experimenting with maybe producing outfits that have less wavy intentions - I’ve noticed your go-to is to produce very wavy aesthetical linework in your pieces, either explicitly in form or implicitly with pattern, and I want to see if you can produce an outfit that demands a certain edge of control. I’m aware that you did produce a very angular look Week 2, but the fit was very tight to Ripper’s body, so it could be a good idea to sort of see if you can produce not even just an angular look, but look that has more control than complete waviness to it. I hope this helped!
Up next is...


Sally Spellman: Your poster looks legit, the almost unintelligible band name, the graphicness of it and the gore make me think I could spot this somewhere and I’d think it’s a real event, in my opinion the placement of the information wasn’t the best and the font choice as well, a serif sort of font would have gone better with the mood of your poster and maybe I’m the only one who is going blind but I think having this pure white text against black and white scribbles make the text blend in a little but to be honest I’m just nitpicking because you did a stellar job this week.
Your music video look is great, the red tattoos resembling body harm are a very nice touch and very on brand, I seriously have nothing to nitpick on every detail that I see is very flattering and you made the usual not fashionable heavy metal garbs look amazing and you didn’t rely on bondage or bdsm to do so, wouldn’t look out of place in a music video for this genre at all.
Miyu Moon: There is absolutely no question when looking at this poster as to what sort of show I'm going to see, and that is exactly what we wanted. I love the tiny scribbly detail in the hair, that in itself almost lends more to a horror element than the entrails, in a Japanese graphic novel sort of way. The info is maybe a little lost in the hair though, it's certainly readable when you look closely but from afar it's kind of lost and could have benefitted from something helping the words stand out, be it an outline or colour or different placement, there's probably a lot of subtle changes but either way it's a subtle change. The poster looks interesting and exciting to an alt crowd for sure, and I think the info you put is the perfect amount of specificity and lets us know when, where, and what to expect, it really does its job.
This music video look is awesome and I would absolutely wear it immediately. I really love the texture you've done inside the coat, it makes it look like you're wearing sheets of flesh and I mean... what's more brutal than wearing raw, bloody flesh? I like that the outfit itself is pretty simple in what garments there are; dress, jacket, boots, but the detail makes them really cohesive and as if they were perfectly made to go together in this music video. The body art also lends a nice level of detail to the look so it doesn't seem too simple. I can imagine the video being a view of the band rocking with Oriana up front and center belting it out in this look, the crazy face paint is perfectly attention grabbing for a lead singer.
Sulphur Bomme: Hello Oriana! Both your poster and look have an amazing depth of posing and dynamicism to it. The selection of black, white and red really pull this poster in for me, as well as the choices you have made to fit your genre.
From the font being that “are these trees or is this a metal band font” (thanks Memorie), the choice to pull the hair out from the background using shading and mark making, the subtlety of the inclusion of red, the guts spelling out “LIVE” - the information, everything here has really solidifed a strong conceptual poster as well as the act Oriana would produce. I think if you could improve this, perhaps the mark making you used to shade your crease for your eyes would’ve really made the form a lot stronger and pull it into a massively memorable moment for any graphic design challenge that has been done on MPAR.
For your outfit, absolutely phenomenal. I think people should take notes from this on how to make their concepts dynamic, interesting and positioned to be powerful. This is a great example not only for this challenge, but also for lipsyncs I feel. Your branching out into fabric rendering, I’m noticing - your latex details are quite visually impactful here. A nitpick for this for me would probably be the inclusion of a little bit of glint or perhaps a tiny, tiny dark grey line that notifies us that there is a pupil or a scelera contact lens in Ori’s eye holes in both the poster and the outfit. That’s really all I can find wrong with it in my eyes.
I hope you continue your detail exploration and your rendering skills. You have such a strong eye for fashion and it’s starting to be well matched by your choices of rendering fabrics and details. I hope this helps!!
Up next is...


Sally Spellman: Your poster reads more like a children’s book illustration to me, it’s not ugly or bad but I guess the intent is lost on me, the way you used the space is a little weird because you have some dead space which I think you could have filled with more floral motifs, if this were a little more elongated and the stone were sitting on water you could use this change in colors to lay some additional information on top, the colors you chose for the fonts don’t really stand out! I know you went for an earthy vibe but even so there could have been ways to do it.
Your music video look is pretty and I love it on its own but I don’t see much dragginess in it, wish you could have gone a different route with it since it feels a little derivative of Trixie to me and I think it would have been cool to see a take on brazilian folk music instead, you didn’t do a bad job at all Bianca but this didn’t meet the mark for me. I’m always rooting for you but it’s also come down to splitting hairs, hopefully you’re prepared to try your hardest next time!
Miyu Moon: At first glance I thought this poster was like, a storybook cover. It's really cute and gentle but in terms of getting information across as a show poster I think it's a little all over the place and it's hard to find the right emphasis or flow of info on the poster. Even though you're there playing your banjo I find myself overlooking that and not assuming any musical element other than as an addition to the visual aesthetic. I think maybe it's partially the fact that there are so many colours and patterns going on that it's hard to really grab onto any specific chunk of text or area of the poster as being the important center of information. The info is all there, but it doesn't feel like the musical act itself is at the center of this poster so much as it's just a general ethereal flowery feel that's happening and that could really be anything.
This outfit is super cute, but it's kind of drowning you in a sea of beige. I like the long ethereal hair, but then the outfit just seems really basic in comparison to the fairy-like feeling the hair and makeup are giving me. It's a nice outfit but I think it's just so soft and subtle that I wouldn't really be grabbed by this music video, if you were out strumming the harp in a field of flowers I feel like it would all just blend together. I would have liked to see you go more grand with your outfit and give something that could believably be an "iconic" music video look. Right now I feel like this look is just kind of a fan of the show, like a girl who came to get autographs from the singer after the show rather than the world touring singer herself.
Sulphur Bomme: Hello Bianca! Your poster fits the genre quite well, colour scheming and the iconography, but it’s just really not hitting a level that I expected.
Your referenced Trixie Mattel in your poster and I feel like that her EP cover for Moving Parts would’ve been a great reference point for your poster. Lana Del Rey too - just because the layout of your poster has this emptiness because of the spaces, and in comparison a lot of posters this week are much stronger because they’ve covered a lot of space. I think if you did something along the lines of an actual creek rather than this really oblique sort of background to your piece, it would’ve produced more of a punch - even if the background was trees or something just to have a bit more of that folksy impact, it would’ve worked a lot more.
Your outfit is really strong, I absolutely adore the hair and the posing on this. Your artwork always has this fluidity to it that’s just absolutely breathtaking, and for challenges like this I think if you were to produce a fluid piece like you have with your look for your poster it would’ve worked so well especially for this genre. One nitpick would be if your boots were a little shorter and they had little scalloped socks coming out that would’ve really pushed a bit more of a folksy vibe to your outfit this week, and also if you don’t start wearing heels that make Bianca at least eligible to ride the Junior Rollercoasters at the fairground next week I will sue you. I hope that helped!!
Up next is...


Sally Spellman: Your poster gives me salsa casino from the start and that’s everything you needed to do, the colors are nice and they’re fiery so on that regard there’s no complaints on my part, however I wish you had finessed this some more because there are parts that feel rushed (The chileans can’t dance text being the more clear example), nothing that puts you in a bad spot but I think it could have been even greater than it already is, hopefully Selecta will earn the gaviota de platino!
Now onto this look, AZÚCAR! El yerberito moderno came through, people will think Salsa and jump to the red mini dress with frills conclusion but you absolutely slayed this by paying homage to Celia Cruz, it’s extra because salsa is extra, it’s dramatic, fiery and passionate just like this look, the two streaks of red hair resembling horns are absolutely genius, it has that camp feature but also you can see that when the video heats up she will take off the coat and still have a very cool look but actually look more modern without it! You absolutely aced this one.
Miyu Moon: This poster is wild as hell and I love it, it would immediately make me want to read it and understand what sort of show is going on. It's got a great design element going on, it definitely looks like a real show poster and has all the info needed to make it believable and effective. It's definitely got an active, fiery feel to it with the dynamic posing and bright colour scheme. I like that it has a sort of retro printed look to it, even if it is "retro" in origina it's a look that still works well for posters up this day. Even if I don't know jack about salsa I know this show is going to be high energy and musical and dance based and that alone is really all you need to hook an audience.
This look is big and demands attention and regardless of genre that is exactly what a music video look should do, this look would definitely be something people would see and remember. I like the fuostrich looking trim you added in there, definitely adds a sense of action and motion to such a big, bulky garment. I wouldn't think tight jeans would lend to salsa dancing but I suppose that's up for you to prove me wrong, because the little hip furnishings are super cute and I would love to see them in motion. The overall devil imagery is really well done, I love the little hair streaks because... well... you kow me. I will say that I wish your poster and music video outfit went together a little better, they have some colour in common but the devil imagery is so strong in the look and nonexistant in the poster so I wish they were just tied together a little more so it felt like they were all a part of the same era of a musician's career.
Sulphur Bomme: Hello Selecta! I’m getting retro Old Hollywood painted poster vibes from your Salsa poster and your look - you’re perfect, you’re beautiful, you look like Linda Evangelista, are you a model…
I think one of the most visually striking things on your poster is the colour scheme and the restrictive scheme is such a strong palette too - blue red and orange is a really powerful triad scheme and you using a neutral like white played to your advantage here. The wear and tear of the poster works extremely well for this case, and I love the inclusion of Selecta in and out of drag. It’s really detailed, really informed and really strong! I hope that the artifacts on the white bar are intentional however, otherwise you could’ve gone with perhaps quickly analysing and erasing some of them out for a more clean look. That’s my only nitpick.
Your costume is kinda fun in its own way. I love the reference point of Celia Cruz, I got that almost immediately (shocking, a white person with an understanding of culture, I know) and I just really enjoy this moment a lot. Some people may argue it’s very costumey, but your reference point is costumey so I understand that, and this challenge we’re not looking for explicit couture - you’re performing! Salsa divas are performers, and this is very valid form of drag, it’s very campy, it’s very different to what you’ve done, and it works really fucking well. I think if anything, I would’ve perhaps changed the hair to be a bit more beehive. But this week I feel like you’ve really produced something that isn’t causing an imbalance, it’s very strong referential material and you’ve sold a strong Salsa concept. Keep exploring how you’re exploring, and Season 4’s BTM2 might be a thing of the past with your Season 4 WIN. I hope that helped!!
Up next is...


Sally Spellman: This is the other poster that looks legit, I’m not very worldly so I haven’t seen many concert posters in my lifetime but this one is pleasing to look at and that’s enough for me, the humor in it is great and the bitch got sponsors a plenty! One thing that I thought was a smart touch was the inclusion of a scan code because of course that would be a thing haha.
Now your look itself feels like a rehash, I’ve seen this hood, I’ve seen these baby hairs, I’ve seen this cinched waist with a coat with long sleeves! Not ragging on you but I don’t want you to start repeating formulas just because they’ve worked before, I want to see different sides to Aura and I think it’s time to start experimenting with new elements, shapes and silhouettes. My one issue is that I wish you had gone for a shtick because admittedly it is hard to think of an EDM video where the musician stands out (Thinking of the likes of Avicii, David Guetta, Calvin Harris) so I wish you had gone for a shtick characteoutfit like Daft Punk or even Deadmau5. I appreciate your art and designs but I think it’s the time to flip the coin so we can see the other side, Aura!
Miyu Moon: Wow, this poster looks super modern and definitely like an EDM show. I love the logo and colours, it's definitely got that vaporwave kinda thing going that is super popular in EDM nowadays as opposed to the straight up CMYK neons of rave yesteryear. There's a lot of info going on, almost too much, which is honestly kinda believable because I believe that a DJ would put all this stuff on a poster. I also like the little details like the QR code (I scanned it out of curiosity) and the sponsorship logos at the bottom, it pushes it to be very realistic.
The outfit though, it's gorgeous and all but as a music video look it leaves me wondering a lot. It's just a bit non-specific as to waht feel we're going for here, there's something very high fashion haute-couture about it but also something EDM and I'm just not entirely feeling the connection between the two. The look is pretty but just as a music video look it's not giving me a lot of feeling or flow, like nothing is really standing out as an iconic element of this look or giving me really a sense of what the music or song could be like. The only thing really making this look feel any amount EDM appropriate is the neon lines in the coat, but then the outfit and the coat don't really connect besides maybe the pinkish tone in the coat and pants? There's just something very non-specific about this look and overall sort of stiff, it's not jumping out with any particular element.
Sulphur Bomme: Hi Aura! Off the bat, I’ve been to Greece, Spain, even in the UK, and these posters - I’ve seen these fucking posters everywhere.
This is a well crafted poster and your design fits so well in one of those cabanas that uses Live House Music as a selling point on an island somewhere. You’re really showing a side that I didn’t expect of you - and that’s your humour. This poster, while it’s not taking itself seriously, It’s very well put together, so your humour is kind of a silent killer that’s emerging really well with this. I love the inclusion of the logos, I think that’s what puts it head and shoulders above the other ones for me personally? But I think the main issue here that’s dragging you back is your look.
Your massive coats and cinching seem to be a signature for you, but for this challenge it would’ve been amazing if you tapped into perhaps producing an outfit that screamed “NuEDM Drag Queen Lady DJ”. If you harken back to audition looks, a lot of people used black, white and neon colours and effortlessly pulled off these neon fantasies. I know that your reference poole was probably a lot short-handed by the lack of female DJs, but I feel like tapping into the likes of perhaps, Daft Punk (looking at how the two are like, robot-human augmentations) Ulala Space Channel 5 could’ve been another reference poole, Jet Set Radio - all these sort of references might’ve helped push a new silhouette and concept for you. For next week, try to think about production of silhouettes, and perhaps branching out and exploring a little bit whilst keeping it in your own little realm of Aura. I hope that helped!
Up next is...


Sally Spellman: This poster I don’t like, I’ll be understanding of you being under a time crunch so I won’t blame you, this isn’t really giving me hip hop but rather a brochure that a jehovah's witness would give me, I know christianity is your gig but I think it didn’t help you for your poster, I wish the silhouette’s pose were different, more relaxed rather than “enlightened”.
The look itself isn’t very exciting to me, it’s a hip hop look alright, very early 2000s Cee Lo Green sort of thing I think it was a good opportunity to experiment more with holy imagery rather than restricting it to just some bling, the lamb coat was a nice touch and let me say I think this lineless style is very cool! I think since it was supposed to be a music video look you could have gone larger than life with it, especially since you got hip hop!
Miyu Moon: There is something really strange about this poster and I can't put my hand on it. Maybe it's the singular wing or the fact that it's all so dark and mysterious but it's just not jumping up and grabbing my attention. I can tell that it's a show of some sort, if not for the word "concert" in the title I would have no idea that it is music based at all and would probably just assume it's some sort of church group or a public talk or something. The blue and white colour scheme is definitely heavenly, but it's just kind of a big wash of cool tones and would probably blend into the background out in the world.
Admittedly I find this outfit really charming, the big wooly jacket is so country. I like the way you combined the country boy element with the hip hop element, the heeled timbs are great and the jewelry is perfect. The outfit underneath however is pretty basic in its own, it's just a button down shirt and a pair of adidas track pants. I would have liked to see an outfit that looked more custom made and flashy in its intricacy, right now it looks kind of like somebody's dad made a costume for a music video in their backyard and not like an actual high budget musical artist. The idea behind this is right but I just think it needed to look a little more interesting without relying on just the coat or the chains, I feel like the elements of the outfit should still sell an image of country even if there isn't literal sheeps wool laid on top. Also, the poster and look really don't have much to do with each other, like this outfit is way more fun and interesting than the poster. I wouldn't think the person on the poster was this same person in the music video, so I wish your poster was more exciting to match this level of fun.
Sulphur Bomme: Hello Arcangelo! I think the poster has elements that are strong but feel ultimately rushed in a sense of understanding that you were late yesterday. Which is understandable, but some of these elements would have really worked a lot more in tandem with time management.
I don’t really get Christian Hip Hop from this at all if I’m completely honest. It’s giving me like, northern lights but make it viewable from these select locations. I think the inclusion of information and your stylistic intention to bring this back to Arcangelo is there, just that this poster is just not correlating towards Hip Hop, it’s more like a tourism brochure? If you referenced Christian Hip Hop there’s still a bit of grime and a bit of street style to it, and that would’ve made it more iconographic with Hip Hop. Boom Boxes, a Bible but it’s got a Gucci bookshield on it, who knows.
Your outfit really just screams the dad at the communion who got into the Sunday School dress-up chest? That kinda fits with the Christian Hip-Hop theme. It just needs a lot more than you’ve presented I feel. This would’ve really benefited from an on-the-nose sort of patterned top and bottom, Gucci vibes of like, Calabasas Street Style but make it Jeffree Star Untouchable, a puffer jacket instead, more jewellery, wear the entire sales rack of Claire’s, it needed to be elevated to a level that could compete and stand out more on its own. And I’m sad because you could’ve really took a comedic route with this and really stuck it to the rest of the competitors, because you genuinely are a good humoured and strong at delivering jokes.
I think next week would be a time to really harken back to the production of work say, from Disease Week and Seasons Week. Really have fun with Arcangelo, because when you have fun it’s so obvious that you enjoyed designing the look and you enjoyed the production of it. I hope this helped!
The judges have made their decisions.
Selecta you've got the sabor, you've got tumbao, AZÚCAR! You're safe.
Oriana This week your death metal poster and look... gave us life, you're safe.
Ripper Hole The jazzman jazzed all over the place, I'm testifying, condragulations you're the winner of this week's challenge.
Bianca Biquini While we were expecting you to folk out, this week you folked up, I'm sorry my dear but you're up for elimination.
Aura Your EDM poster was amazing but your music video look killed the radio star...
Arcangelo Your hip hop presentation was more of a big flop...
Arcangelo, I'm sorry my dear but you're also up for elimination.
That means Bianca Biquini and Arcangelo, you're both up for elimination
The lipsync song for this week is Audio by LSD. The lipsync looks, and our next elimination, will be revealed in a few hours, at about 9:00am PST. We'll see you there!


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Updated List of things to Do - 2018 Edition

Happy New Year /Detroit! Every day people come to ask "What should I do in the city??" and this updated thread is our chance to tell them. It's been 3+ years since its been updated so a lot has changed. Keeping a similar format to the 2014 and 2011 editions comment below with any suggestion(s) and a short reason why you recommend it.
Everyone's collective picks will be added into the list below and then added to the sidebar. Closed businesses have already been removed, new Museums section now broken out, if you have any adds/deletes/edits to existing list, just shout it out, I'll leave this post as a sticky and open over the next week so all have a chance to contribute. See below:

Entertainment & Attractions

Public Spaces/Parks:
Entertainment Venues:

Museums & Exhibits

  • Detroit Institute of Arts Free for Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb county residents.
  • Motown Museum the birthplace of Motown music, located in New Center
  • Henry Ford Museum/Greenfield Village Good for vistors if they have a few hours and transportation.
  • MOCAD Contemporary Art Museum in an amazing raw space, always changing exhibitions and a nice little shop inside. Located on Woodward in Midtown.
  • Michigan Science Center hands-on exhibits, IMAX Dome, Planetarium, mad scientists with liquid nitrogen and lightning. good for kids, located in Midtown.
  • Outdoor Adventure Center located in the newly restored Globe Trading Building.
  • Charles H. Wright Museum of African-American History
  • Tuskegee Airmen Museum
  • African Bead Museum
  • Dossin Great Lakes Museum located on Belle Isle
  • Ford Piquette Plant historic auto production facility and birthplace of the Model T.

Retail & Shopping

  • John K. King Books Downtown; Largest used bookstore in the state, located in an old glove warehouse
  • Pewabic Pottery near Islandview; Detroit original, lots of original ceramic art work to view and purchase
  • Third Man Records Retail store and Vinyl Manufacturing plant, owned/operated by Jack White
  • City Bird Midtown; Handmade goods from local and regional designers
  • People's Records Gratiot in Eastern Market; Internationally renowned treasure trove of rare vinyl, with a focus on Detroit produced stuff
  • Hello Records Corktown; Newer record shop with a great collection of new and old vinyl
  • Pure Detroit Downtown and New Center; Detroit themed t-shirts, magnets, etc.
  • Shinola Flagship Store watches, bikes and leather goods.
  • The Hub A Bicycle shop with a charitable bent and affordable bikes.
  • Avenue of Fashion Located at Livernois and Outer Drive; shopping district off the beaten path
  • Run Detroit Running gear store in Midtown, hosts a welcoming run club every Saturday morning at 8am
  • Paramita Sound Record store in West Village

Places to eat:

  • Coney Islands Lafayette or American, take your pick. Duly's Place in Mexicantown as another OG contender.
  • Supino Pizzeria Eastern Market; Best NY style pizza in the city, delicious fresh ingredients
  • Cass Cafe Restaurant and art gallery in Cass Corridor.
  • Green Dot Stables Grab your saddle, best sliders in the city.
  • Johnny Noodle King one of Detroit's ramen noodle houses
  • The Bronx Midtown. Classic dive bar with an equally classic jukebox and a burger that's out of this world.
  • Sweetwater Tavern Downtown, /Detroit's pick for 'Best Wings in the City'
  • Buddy's Pizza Original Detroit style pizza, well regarded by foodies and chefs.
  • Rock City Eatery on Woodward in Midtown. Cheap drinks and great food.
  • Dutch Girl Donuts Palmer Park. Best donuts in the city, been doing it the same way forever.
  • Mudgies Deli Corktown fresh sandwich shop with patio, recently expanded.
  • Cadieux Cafe Jazz music throughout the week and authentic Featherbowling.
  • Slow's BBQ Corktown. BBQ that put Corktown as a food destination on the map. Check out Slows-To-Go in Midtown if you're looking to skip the wait.
  • The Food Exchange famous for the Big Baby burger
  • Vincente's Great Cuban food. Salsa dancing. 20+ types of tequila
  • Ottava Via Italian joint in Corktown. Great food, laid back atmosphere.
  • Mercury Bar Good food and beer selection and the atmosphere is really cool.
  • Townhouse located Downtown
  • Bucharest Grill Amazing Shawarma and good prices, 3 locations around the city.
  • Scotty Simpson's Northwest side for fish and chips
  • Polish Village Cafe Eat your Polish Grandmother's cooking. A Hamtramck staple.
  • The Whitney Restaurant in a gorgeous historic mansion. Ambience is spectacular, food has gone through down periods. Good spot for an important date night. Don't be surprised to see a marriage proposal.
  • Giovanni's Arguably the best Italian food in the city. Neighborhood is what happens when you zone Heavy Industrial in Sim City, but the food, service and ambience are world-class.
  • London Chop House A famous Detroit restaurant name brought back to life, it's a classic dark-wood, old-school steakhouse. Frank Sinatra and Henry Ford II had tables there. Just opened a cigar bar in the same building for after-dinner lounging.
  • Roast "Iron Chef" Michael Symon's restaurant in the Westin Book Cadillac hotel. Things happen to meat here that you never thought possible.
  • Joe Muer's Seafood Like the London Chop House, a classic name from Detroit restaurant history brought back to life. Located in the ground floor of the GM Renaissance Center, lunch is comprised almost entirely of GM suppliers taking their customers out to lunch, but dinner is another matter.
  • Golden Fleece Greektown. "Best Gyro in town" and other greek specialties.
  • Mexicantown Most authentic Mexican food in the city, can't go wrong: Los Altos, Taqueria Lupitas, Taqueria Nuestra Familia, Taqueria El Rey, or Taqueria Mi Pueblo.
  • ** Takoi** Northern Thai inspired restaurant. James Beard finalist
  • Selden Standard Fine dining, local, small plates. Also great brunch.
  • Wright & Co Fine dining, local, small plates.
  • Republic Fine dining, local, small plates.
  • ima Corktown, Udon noodles.
  • Flower's of Vietnam Vietnamese restaurant run by a Lebanese chef in an old Mexicantown coney. Only in Detroit.
  • Polonia Restaurant Home style Polish and Eastern European food, located right next to Polish Village cafe in Hamtramck.
  • Apparatus Room Fine restaurant & bar in the Detroit Foundation Hotel near Cobo Center.
  • People's Bakery One of Southwest's finest local shops.

Brunch Spots

  • Cliff Bells Foxtown. Bottomless mimosas and bloody Mary's and great selection of French and Soul Food inspired dishes
  • Hudson Cafe Downtown. Red velvet pancakes, graham cracker-crusted French toast, and Voodoo Eggs Benedict
  • Seva Midtown. great Brunch for Vegan's and Vegetarian's- Small but good beewine selection
  • Brooklyn Street Local Corktown. banana pancakes with caramelized walnuts, an inevitably delicious quiche-of-the-day, and of course, the Hangover Special, and some damn good Poutine!
  • La Dolce Vita North Detroit. smooth jazz, salmon hash, and the shrimp Benedict make for a fabulous brunch experience
  • The Dime Store Downtown. a great selection of Omelets, Benedicts, Sandwiches, and Hash (from Executive Chef Josh, who has spent 2 decades in award winning restaraunts in Chicago, NYC, and A2) and of course, BOOZE! (Their Duck Rueben is out of this world)
  • Foran's Grand Trunk Pub Downtown. Great meal options throughout the day but their brunch is great (May I recommend their Corktown sandwich or the Lobster Benedict) with a great local beer selection to boot
  • Rose's Fine Foods Rivertown. Homesick for mom's cooking? This place has incredible baked goods and delicious sandwiches that make you feel right at home
  • The Clique Breakfast spot on Jefferson in Rivertown area
  • Honest Johns Midtown. Good all around menu, drink list and Chicken & Waffles.
  • Detroit Institute of Bagels Traditional bagels plus soups & sandwiches in an airy, industrial space with counter seating.

Places to drink:

  • Batch Brewing Co. Corktown small batch brewery with 15+ beers on tap and Louisiana-style food.
  • Detroit Beer Co. Great beer as well as great food. The Hair of the Dog burger is fantastic.
  • Atwater Detroit brewery near the Riverfront
  • Brew Detroit Contract brewing facility with a great open space and their own brews. Across the park from Batch. The Loaded Die hosts Tuesday boardgame nights here.
  • Eastern Market Brewing Company The large pink elephant mural is hard to miss.
  • Founders taproom Needs no introduction
  • Motor City Brewing Works Midtown; Microbrewery with delicious beer and uniquely-topped pizzas, rooftop seating in the Summer
  • Jolly Pumpkin Brewery Tap room specializing in Sour Beer and Ciders
  • Motor City Wine located in Corktown.
  • SugarHouse Carefully crafted cocktails in a hunting lodge sharing a wall with Slow's. Hells yea.
  • Woodbridge Pub
  • Cafe D'Mongo's a unique and eclectic "speakeasy." reasonably priced and strong cocktails, live music every night (Fri & Sat only)
  • Cliff Bells a solid jazz club right downtown (could be under entertainment as well)
  • Dakota Inn Rathskeller a German underground beer hall that transports you straight to Europe, featuring German food, music, and beer. Especially popular during Oktoberfest (mid-September to end of October).
  • Jacoby's Biergarten good selection of draft beer, solid German food, and a huge international beer selection
  • Jolly Ol' Timers North Cass Corridor. If they're open, you won't find a bar full of more interesting people.
  • Old Miami Midtown. A Veterans bar, During the summer, the back yard is the best place to drink in the city.
  • Foran's Grand Trunk Pub Downtown; great selection of local Michigan beers, with decent food to accompany it
  • Northern Lights Lounge New Center bar with a great patio and decent food.
  • Two Way Inn One of the oldest bars in the city
  • The Skip Popular alley bar in The Belt
  • Ready Player One Barcarde
  • Checker BaOffworld Arcade Burger bar & Barcade near Campus Martius
  • Astro Coffee a popular cafe in Corktown
  • Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Co. Chill coffee bar with beer, wine and some food.
  • Socre Tea A tea shop/cafe in midtown. Tucked away on Garfield and John R. Super quiet and relaxing.
  • Ashe Supply Co. Small-batch java drinks plus pastries, sandwiches and other goods just off Grand Circus Park in Downtown
  • Dessert Oasis Espresso, house-roasted coffee & pastries served in a brick-walled space with artwork & live music. Good window views located Downtown in Capital Park.


  • The Grand Lobbies of Detroit See here: http://imgur.com/a/tqC8i
  • Guardian Building another beautiful example of Art Deco architecture
  • Fisher Building "the worlds largest art project" and a prime example of Detroit's rich Art Deco history
  • The Fist of Joe Louis Woodward/Jefferson Ave
  • Ford Piquette Plant historic auto production facility and birthplace of the Model T.
  • The Spirit of Detroit Woodward/Jefferson Ave.
  • Hart Plaza Found along the Riverwalk; a public space that's home to Movement, Detroit Jazz Fest and other festivals throughout the year.
  • Senator Palmer’s Font Hill Log House and fountain in Palmer Park (when open).
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How does my itinerary look?

First off, this sub is amazing so I've tried to do my research. My girlfriend and I am heading to a wedding April 6th in Ponce and want to make a trip out of it. We are adventurous, love to hike, eat, and even dance. This is what we have planned:
How does our itinerary look?
Should we try to squeeze in Gozalandia somewhere in there? Should we try to squeeze anything else in?
Is the Barcardi tour worth it?
How is this manatee thing?
Is the parasailing the best in the world?
What about the Botanical Garden? (the one in Rio De Janiero changed my life
Because I'm an addict, how is the craps?
I hear there are plenty of cliffs/waterfalls/town just off the road that are worth a 5 minute pit stop. Where are they?
Thanks in advance and I hope this will help as a guide for others in the future.
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Things to do in Raleigh this weekend: 05/18/18-05/20/18

Friday, May 18:
Saturday, May 19:
Sunday, May 20:
Join the "Things To Do in Raleigh" mailing list here
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[For Sale] ACDC, Art Tatum, Jack McDuff, Chicago, Curtis Mayfield, Zappa, Clapton, Ohio Players, Roomful of Blues, Willis Jackson, Wes Montgomery, Lovin Spoonful, Oscar Peterson, Beach Boys, Steely Dan, Mongo Santamaria, Little Feat, Larry Coryell, Journey, Hank Mobley, George Harrison, Elton John

I've added a bunch of new LPs and linked many below. Please visit MY DISCOGS SITE for the whole shebang. Links below for individual albums will bring you there to see additional comments on quality. Grading listed is VINYL then JACKET.
Also, I can put together a Jazz package for you if you let me know what you like/dislike.
Accepting offers on everything, so if I've completely lost my mind on something, check me. Shipping is $5 flat tracked Media Mail from IL.
A George Garabedian Production - The Shadow Vol. 2 - Original Radio Broadcasts VG+ VG+ $6.47 AC/DC - Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap VG+ VG $7.99 AC/DC - Let There Be RockVGVG$9.99 AC/DC - For Those About To Rock We Salute You VG+ VG $7.99 Aerosmith - Night In The Ruts VG+ VG+ $3.64 Al Di Meola - Casino VG+ VG+ $4.99 Alan Braufman - Valley Of Search NM M $9.99 Alex De Grassi - Clockwork VG+ VG $3.99 Alex de Grassi - Southern Exposure VG+ VG+ $5.99 Allan Holdsworth - Road Games VG VG $3.49 Alvin Lee & Co. - In Flight VG VG+ $4.04 Art Tatum Trio - Presenting... The Art Tatum Trio VG+ G+ $19.99 Arthur Lyman - Bwana À VG+ VG $6.99 Average White Band - Shine VG VG $1.99 Badlands - Badlands VG+ VG $4.99 Barry Manilow - Tryin' To Get The Feeling VG+ VG+ $1.49 Barry Manilow - Barry Manilow II NM VG+ $2.99 Benny Hipsley - Presenting Benny Hipsley At The Desert Hotel Live VG+ VG $4.04 Billy Joel - Songs In The Attic VG+ VG+ $1.99 Billy Vaughn And His Orchestra - La Paloma VG VG $1.99 Bobby Bland - Come Fly With Me VG+ VG $6.99 Bobby Hutcherson - Linger Lane VG G $4.85 Boston - Don't Look Back VG VG+ $2.99 Brand X - Do They Hurt? VG+ VG $4.99 Branford Marsalis - Romances For Saxophone NM VG+ $2.99 Brett Morrison & Grace Mathews - The Shadow Volume 2 VG+ VG+ $6.47 Brian Auger - Brian Auger VG+ VG $4.99 Brother Jack McDuff - Live! VG VG+ $8.09 Brother Jack McDuff - Goodnight, It's Time To Go G+ VG $3.23 Brother Jack McDuff - Live! G+ VG+ $3.23 Bruce Forman - In Transit NM NM $7.28 Buck Clayton - Jumpin' At The Woodside VG+ VG+ $6.99 Bud Powell - A Portrait Of Thelonious NM VG+ $19.99 Cal Tjader - Cal Tjader's Greatest Hits G+ VG $0.99 Caldera - Caldera VG+ VG+ $3.99 Cannonball Adderley Sextet - Nippon Soul VGVG+$12.14 Carmen McRae, Zoot Sims, Paul West, Jimmy Madison - Europa Jazz VG G+ $2.99 Charlie Byrd - Aquarius VG+ VG $3.99 Chicago - Chicago XIV VG+ VG+ $2.49 Chicago - Hot Streets VG VG+ $2.99 Chicago - Chicago 17 VG+ VG+ $1.99 Chicago - Chicago 13 VG+ VG $2.99 Chico Hamilton - Man From Two Worlds G+ VG $4.04 Chuck Berry - Hail! Hail! Rock 'N' Roll - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack VG+ VG+ $7.99 Chuck Mangione - Children Of Sanchez VG+ VG+ $3.23 Commodores - Live! VG+ VG+ $3.99 Count Basie - Standing Ovation NM VG+ $4.99 Count Basie - Super Chief VG+ VG $5.99 Curtis Mayfield - Roots G+ G+ $9.99 Danny Wilding / Pete Bonus - Pleasure Signals VG+ VG $5.99 Dave Grusin - One Of A Kind VG+ VG $2.99 David Sancious - Just As I Thought VG+ VG+ $2.83 Dean Martin - The Best Of Dean Martin VG+ VG+ $8.99 Delaney & Bonnie & Friends - Motel Shot VG+ VG+ $11.99 Delaney & Bonnie & Friends With Eric Clapton - On Tour VG+ VG+ $6.99 Delaney Bramlett - Mobius Strip VG+ VG $6.99 Dexter Gordon - Gotham City VG VG $2.83 Diego Sacromonte - Fiesta Flamenca! VG+ VG+ $8.09 Dimension Latina - 780 Kilos De Salsa VG G+ $3.99 Dinah Washington - Sings VG G+ $2.99 Dire Straits - Brothers In ArmsVG+VG+$11.99 Dire Straits - Dire Straits VG VG $4.99 Dorothy Washington - The Negro Woman VG+ VG+ $6.99 Duke Ellington - The Music Of Duke Ellington Played By Duke Ellington VG+ VG+ $4.99 Duke Ellington - Duke Ellington's My People VG VG+ $4.04 Duke Ellington And Count Basie - First Time! The Count Meets The Duke VG VG+ $1.99 Duke Robillard And The Pleasure Kings - Too Hot To Handle VG+ VG+ $4.04 Eagles - One Of These Nights VG+ VG+ $5.99 Eagles - The Long Run VG+ VG $2.83 Elton John - Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy VG+ VG+ $6.99 Elton John - Don't Shoot Me I'm Only The Piano Player VG+ VG $4.99 Eric Clapton - August NM VG+ $3.23 Eric Clapton - Behind The Sun NM VG+ $4.85 Eric Clapton - Another Ticket VG+ VG+ $2.83 Eric Clapton - August NM VG+ $2.83 Eric Gale - The Best Of Eric Gale VG+ VG+ $2.99 Eric Kloss / Barry Miles - Together VG+ VG+ $4.85 Eric Tingstad - On The Links VG+ VG+ $5.49 Etta Jones - Don't Go To Strangers VG+ VG $7.28 Flora Purim - Stories To Tell VG+ VG $4.99 Frank Zappa - Studio Tan VG VG $5.65 Freddie Hubbard - Sky Dive VG VG $4.04 Free Flight - Beyond The Clouds VG+ VG+ $1.99 Free Flight - Soaring VG+ VG+ $5.99 Gato Barbieri - Ruby, Ruby NM VG+ $1.99 Gene Ammons - Free Again VG+ VG $6.47 Gene Ammons - Boss Soul! G+ VG+ $3.64 Gene Ammons' All Stars - The Happy Blues G+ G+ $6.47 Gene Bertoncini - Evolution! VG+ VG+ $4.04 George Benson - Breezin' VG+ VG+ $4.04 George Duke - Don't Let Go VG G+ $3.64 George Harrison - Living In The Material World VG+ VG+ $12.99 Grover Washington, Jr. - Feels So Good VG+ VG $5.99 Grover Washington, Jr. - Mister Magic VG+ VG $4.04 Guy Van Duser - Got The World On A String M M $3.23 Hank Crawford - Cajun Sunrise VG+ NM $4.99 Hank Crawford - We Got A Good Thing Going VG+ VG+ $3.99 Hank Mobley Quartet - Hank Mobley Quartet NM NM $12.99 Herb Ellis - In Session With Herb Ellis VG+ VG $3.64 Herbie Mann - Brazil, Bossa Nova & Blues VG VG+ $3.99 Hot Lips Page - After Hours In Harlem VG VG $4.04 Hugo Montenegro - Love Theme From The Godfather VG+ VG+ $4.85 Humble Pie - Performance: Rockin' The Fillmore VG VG+ $4.85 Ivan 'Boogaloo' Joe Jones - No Way! G VG $12.99 Jack Bruce - Songs For A Tailor VG+ VG $5.99 Jackie McLean - Tippin' The Scales VG VG $6.47 James Blood Ulmer - Black Rock NM VG+ $12.14 James Montgomery Band - First Time Out VG+ VG+ $4.99 Jean-Luc Ponty - Mystical Adventures VG+ VG+ $2.99 Jesse Crawford - In A Monastery Garden VG G+ $8.09 Jester Hairston - A Profile of Negro Life in Song VG G+ $3.23 Jim Croce - You Don't Mess Around With Jim VG+ G+ $3.99 Jimmy McGriff - Let's Stay Together G+ VG $4.04 Jimmy McGriff - Blues For Mister Jimmy G+ VG $3.23 Jimmy McGriff & Richard "Groove" Holmes - Giants Of The Organ Come Together VG VG+ $3.23 Jimmy McGriff Organ And Blues Band - Honey VG VG+ $3.23 Jimmy McGriff Organ And Blues Band - Step 1 G+ VG $3.23 Jimmy Raney - A VG+ VG+ $22.99 Jimmy Rushing - Sent For You Yesterday - The Classic Blues Of Jimmy Rushing VG VG $2.99 Jimmy Scott - Little Jimmy Scott VG+ VG+ $6.47 Jimmy Smith - Jimmy Smith's Greatest Hits! G+ VG $2.99 Jimmy Witherspoon & Gerry Mulligan - Jimmy Witherspoon & Gerry Mulligan VG+ VG+ $4.85 Joe Walsh - You Bought It - You Name It VG+ VG+ $4.04 John Entwistle - Whistle Rymes VG+ VG $4.85 John Klemmer - Brazilia VG VG+ $2.99 John Klemmer - Intensity VG+ VG $4.99 John Lennon - Rock 'N' Roll VG+ VG+ $5.99 John Patton - Accent On The Blues VG+ VG+ $19.99 John Wood / Tony Dumas - Inner Merge VG+ G+ $4.04 Johnny Smith - Reminiscing VG+ VG $7.28 Jon Lucien - The Best Of VG+ VG+ $4.99 Journey - DepartureVGVG+$8.09 Journey - CapturedVGVG+$5.66 Journey - EscapeVG+VG$5.66 Julie London - Julie LondonVG+VG+$5.66 Junior Walker - Whopper Bopper Show Stopper VG+ VG $0.99 KC & The Sunshine Band - KC And The Sunshine Band VG+ VG $8.99 Kittyhawk - Kittyhawk VG+ VG+ $2.49 Kool & The Gang - The Force VG VG $3.23 Larry Carlton - Sleepwalk VG+ VG+ $0.99 Larry Coryell - The Lion And The Ram VG G+ $4.85 Larry Coryell - Steve Khan - Two For The Road VG+ VG $3.99 Laurindo Almeida - Spanish Guitar Recital VG+ VG+ $5.66 Laurindo Almeida · Charlie Byrd - Latin Odyssey VG+ VG+ $4.04 Laurindo Almeida, Salli Terri, Marty Ruderman - Duets With The Spanish Guitar Album 2 VG+ VG+ $3.23 Lee Ritenour - Rit/2 NM VG+ $1.99 Lee Ritenour - Rit VG+ VG+ $2.83 Leo Kottke - Dreams And All That Stuff VG+ VG $2.99 Leon Russell - Solid State VG VG+ $4.04 Little Anthony & The Imperials - I'm On The Outside (Looking In) VG+ VG+ $5.66 Little Feat - Feats Don't Fail Me Now VG G+ $2.99 Little Feat - Dixie Chicken VG VG $4.85 Little Feat - Down On The Farm VG VG $2.83 Little Feat - Time Loves A Hero VG VG $2.83 Lonnie Mack - Second Sight VG+ VG+ $4.99 Los Indios Tabajaras - The Many-Splendored Guitars Of Los Indios Tabajaras VG+ VG+ $2.83 Louis Armstrong - Louis Armstrong's Hello, Dolly! NM NM $14.57 Louis Armstrong - Louis Armstrong Favorites Volume 4 VG+ VG+ $4.85 Mango - A New Taste Of Mango VG+ VG+ $13.76 Manitas De Plata - Flamenco Guitar VG VG $14.99 Martial Solal Trio - The Martial Solal Trio In Concert VG+ VG+ $10.52 Martin Denny - Exotica VG VG $6.07 Martin Denny - Sayonara VG+ VG+ $3.23 Martin Denny - Spanish Village VG+ VG $4.04 Merle Travis - Strictly Guitar VG+ VG+ $6.88 Michał Urbaniak - Fusion III VG+ VG+ $7.99 Mike Stern - Upside Downside NM VG+ $4.99 Milt Buckner - Mighty High VG VG $3.23 Miroslav Vitous - First Meeting VG+ VG+ $7.69 Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels - Take A Ride... VG+ NM $24.29 Mongo Santamaria - Mongo Santamaria's Greatest Hits VG VG $3.99 Mongo Santamaria - All Strung Out VG VG $3.23 Mongo Santamaria - Mongo '70 G+ VG+ $3.23 No Artist - Bird Songs In Your Garden VG+ VG $3.22 No Artist - The Shadow VG+ VG+ $3.23 Nova - Sun City VG+ VG+ $3.64 Ohio Players - Honey VG+ F $1.99 Ohio Players - Skin Tight VG VG+ $5.99 Ohio Players - Fire VG VG $4.99 Oscar Peterson - The Silent Partner M NM $6.99 Paquito D'Rivera - Why Not! NM VG+ $4.04 Passport - Cross-Collateral VG+ G+ $2.99 Pat Kelley - Views Of The Future NM VG+ $1.99 Pat Martino - Live! VG F $6.47 Paul Bley - Axis (Solo Piano) VG G $6.47 Paul Bley With Steve Swallow & Pete La Roca - Floater VG G+ $6.99 Paul Horn - Inside VG+ VG+ $3.23 Perez Prado And His Orchestra - Mambo Mania VG+ VG $9.99 Pete Seeger - Pete Seeger's Greatest Hits NM VG+ $9.99 Peter Green - Little Dreamer VG+ G $4.99 Pharoah Sanders - Jewels Of Thought M M $15.99 Phil Upchurch - Revelation VG+ VG+ $1.99 Phil Upchurch / Tennyson Stephens - Upchurch/Tennyson VG G+ $5.26 Philip Catherine - Guitars VG+ VG $4.99 Phineas Newborn Jr. With Dennis Farnon And His Orchestra - While My Lady Sleeps VG VG $3.23 Pieces Of A Dream - We Are One NM VG+ $5.99 Preston Reed - Playing By Ear VG+ VG+ $2.99 Quincy Jones - Mirage (Original Motion Picture Score) G+ VG $3.99 Quincy Jones - Smackwater Jack VG G $5.99 REO Speedwagon - R.E.O. Speedwagon VG+ VG+ $3.23 Rey De La Torre - Plays Classical Guitar VG+ VG+ $5.99 Richard "Groove" Holmes - Welcome Home VG VG $4.85 Richard Osborn - EndlessVG+VG+$8.09 Robin Trower - Bridge Of Sighs VG+ VG $4.04 Roomful Of Blues - Let's Have A Party VG+ VG+ $6.99 Roomful Of Blues - Hot Little Mama! NM VG+ $5.99 Rush - All The World's A StageVGVG$5.26 Santana - Amigos VG G+ $4.99 Santana - Festivál VG+ VG+ $1.99 Sarah Vaughan - That Everlovin' "Sassy" VG G+ $5.99 Seawind - Light The Light VG+ VG $3.23 Shirley Scott - On A Clear Day VG VG+ $4.85 Shirley Scott Trio - Great Scott!! VG VG+ $6.47 Sky - Sky VG+ VG $3.99 Sly & The Family Stone - Stand! G+ G+ $4.99 Sonny Boy Williamson & The Animals - The Night Time Is The Right Time VG VG $4.85 Stanley Turrentine - Nightwings VG VG+ $2.99 Stanley Turrentine - Sugar G VG $0.99 Stanley Turrentine - Have You Ever Seen The Rain VG NM $1.99 Steely Dan - Pretzel Logic VG+ VG+ $11.99 Steely Dan - The Royal ScamVG+VG$11.99 Steve Grossman - Perspective VG+ VG $2.99 Steve Kuhn - Non-Fiction NM VG+ $3.99 Steve Smith, Vital Information - Orion VG+ VG $2.99 Stomu Yamashta's Go - Go Live From Paris VG+ VG $7.99 Stomu Yamashta's Go - Go Too NM VG+ $4.04 Swamp Dogg - Finally Caught Up With Myself VG+ VG $4.99 The Beach Boys - The Beach Boys Today! VG+ VG+ $19.99 The Beach Boys - Holland VG+ VG $6.99 The Beach Boys - Beach Boys' Party! NM NM $10.99 The Beach Boys - The Beach Boys NM VG $5.99 The Beach Boys - 15 Big Ones VG+ VG $2.99 The Beatles - Let It Be G+ VG $7.28 The Blackbyrds - Unfinished Business G+ VG+ $2.99 The Impressions - The Young Mods' Forgotten Story VG VG+ $7.99 The Invaders - The Invaders Steel Band VG+ VG+ $14.57 The John Dankworth Orchestra - Jazz From Abroad NM VG+ $9.99 The Laurindo Almeida Trio - Artistry In Rhythm VG+ G+ $4.04 The Lovin' Spoonful - You're A Big Boy Now - The Original Sound Track Album VG+ VG+ $5.99 The Lovin' Spoonful - Hums Of The Lovin' Spoonful VG+ NM $4.99 The Lovin' Spoonful - Distant Echoes VG+ VG+ $1.99 The Lovin' Spoonful - Daydream VG+ VG+ $9.99 The Lovin' Spoonful - The Best Of The Lovin' Spoonful Volume Two VG+ VG+ $1.99 The Oscar Peterson Trio - In Tokyo - Live At The Palace Hotel NM VG+ $24.29 The Oscar Peterson Trio - Affinity VG+ VG+ $5.66 The Oscar Peterson Trio - Another Day VG+ G+ $4.85 The Police - Reggatta De Blanc VG+ VG+ $6.47 The Ramsey Lewis Trio - Down To Earth (The Ramsey Lewis Trio Plays Music From The Soil) VG+ VG+ $5.66 The Ramsey Lewis Trio - Ramsey Lewis And The Gentlemen Of Jazz - Volume 2 G+ VG+ $3.64 The Rascals - Freedom Suite VG+ VG+ $4.04 The Rascals - Searching For Ecstasy - The Rest Of The Rascals, 1969-1972 NM VG+ $4.85 The Rolling Stones - Emotional Rescue VG+ VG+ $4.99 The Salsoul Orchestra - Salsoul Orchestra VG+ VG $4.04 The Searchers - This Is Us VG VG+ $3.23 The Stylistics - Let's Put It All Together VG+ VG+ $3.64 The Who - Live At Leeds VG VG $5.66 The Young Rascals - Collections VG G+ $3.99 The Young Rascals - Groovin' VG+ NM $4.85 Thumbs Carllile - All Thumbs VG+ VG+ $8.99 Tim Berne - Sanctified Dreams NM VG+ $4.85 Tom Scott - Blow It Out VG+ VG+ $3.23 Trudy Pitts - The Excitement Of Trudy Pitts G+ VG $12.99 Turibio Santos - Five Centuries Of French Guitar Music VG+ VG+ $9.99 Various - Death Row - Greatest Hits M M $19.99 Various - Murder Was The Case (The Soundtrack) VG+ VG+ $29.99 Virgil Gonsalves Big Band Plus Virgil Gonsalves Sextet - Jazz At Monterey VG+ VG+ $9.99 Vital Information - Global Beat NM VG+ $5.99 Walter Perkins, MJT+3 - Walter Perkins' MJT+3.. G+ G+ $1.99 Walter Wanderley - Rain Forest VG+ VG $6.47 Wayne Johnson Trio - Grasshopper VG+ VG+ $5.99 Wes Montgomery - Boss GuitarVG+VG$9.99 Wes Montgomery - A Day In The Life G+ VG $3.23 Wet Willie - Wet Willie Greatest Hits VG+ VG+ $6.99 Willie Hutch - Fully Exposed VG G+ $9.99 Willie Mabon - Willie Mabon Sings VG+ VG $5.66 Willie Ruff - The Smooth Side of Ruff VG+ VG+ $12.14 Willis Jackson - The Way We Were VG VG+ $2.99 Willis Jackson - Blue Gator VG VG+ $12.14 Willis Jackson - Grease 'N' Gravy G+ VG $6.47 Willis Jackson With Brother Jack McDuff - Together Again! G+ VG $3.23 Woody Herman And The Swingin' Herd - The Jazz Swinger NM VG+ $3.23 Yusef Lateef - The Gentle Giant G+ VG $2.99 Z.Z. Hill - Bluesmaster VG VG+ $3.23 Zoot Sims Plus Joe Pass - Blues For 2 VG VG $3.23 ZZ Top - El Loco VG+ VG $4.85
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What's happening around town (Wed, May 1st - Tue, May 7th)

Oklahoma City's event list.


Wednesday, May 1st

  • 🎨 105th Annual OU School of Visual Arts Student Exhibition (Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art - Norman) Thru Fri, May 3rd Start Time: 10:00am This competitive juried show is held each spring and highlights the diverse works of art created by students from the University of Oklahoma’s School of...
  • 🍴 Anthem Drown Night! (HiLo Club - Oklahoma City) Our local friends at Anthem Brewing Co. have some great beers! Every Wednesday night from 9pm to close enjoy $8 Drown Night! Their Power Pils will be flowing!
  • Art Show at DNA Galleries (Plaza District - Oklahoma City) Thru Sun, May 5th Start Time: 6:00pm Featured in our gallery for the month of April is the work of Oklahoma artists Abby Stiglets, Natalie Miller, and Trisha Thompson Adams.
  • Beehive - The 60s Musical (Pollard Theatre - Guthrie) Thru Sat, May 4th Experience the ultimate celebration of 1960s nostalgia at a performance of "Beehive - the '60s Musical"…
  • Bi-Weekly Meetup (51st st. Speakeasy - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 5:00pm
  • Blue Water Highway (The Blue Door - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 8:00pm
  • 🎓 Botanical Balance FREE Yoga (Myriad Botanical Gardens - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 5:45pm Botanical Balance FREE YOGA presented by Fowler Toyota, sponsored by Tinker Federal Credit Union and Stephenson Cancer Center Tuesdays, 5:45 pm and Saturdays, 8 am Check in at the Visitor Center and find out location which changes depending on the season Instructors provided by This Land Yoga Bring a mat, water, and an “open mind”…
  • Chamber Ambassador Meeting (Del City Chamber of Commerce - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 8:30am
  • 🏆 Oklahoma City Dodgers vs. Round Rock Express (Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark - Oklahoma City) 1 day left Start Time: 7:05pm Double Header 2 seven inning games. First game starts at 11:05am. Second game starts 30 minutes after the conclusion of the first game.
  • 🍴 Dope Poetry Night (ICE Event Center - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 7:30pm Every Wednesday night at the Ice Event Center Sports Bar and Grill located at the heart of Oklahoma City! Sign ups begin at 7pm and show begins at 7:30pmish. Free Admission! Free vendor set up! Bar Restaurant
  • 🎓 FFA State Convention (Cox Convention Center - Oklahoma City) The FFA State Convention comes to the Cox Convention Center on April 30 - May 1, 2019.
  • Jake's New Face Showcase (Riverwind Casino - Norman) Start Time: 6:00pm Jake's New Face Showcase brings the best of up and coming country artists to Norman. Take a seat inside…
  • 🎨 James C. Meade Friends' Lecture by Dr. Gloria Groom (Oklahoma City Museum of Art - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 6:00pm We are pleased to welcome back Gloria Groom for a talk on her newest exhibition Manet and Modern Beauty. By the late 1870s, Édouard Manet had become...
  • 🎡 Looking For Something? (The Blue Door - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 8:00pm Blue Water Highway comes from the working class, coastal town background that has informed the work of so many of rock's greatest writers and artists. They take their name from the roadway that links their hometown of Lake Jackson, Texas to Galveston, where the cops, the teachers, the baristas and the chemical plant workers travel to work hard…
  • 🎓 May Morning Mingle (Mid-Del Technology Center - Del City) Start Time: 8:00am Come join us for coffee, breakfast finger foods, and business networking. Hope to see everyone there!
  • OSSAA Slow Pitch State Championships (USA Softball Hall of Fame Complex - Oklahoma City) Day 2 of 2 USA Softball welcomes OSSAA high school teams from all across the state to the ASA Hall of Fame Complex. Centrally located…
  • Parker Millsap in Concert ([email protected] Performance Lab - Oklahoma City) Hailing from Purcell, Americana musician Parker Millsap first garnered attention for his Southern gospel…
  • Parker Millsap: [email protected] Metro Music Series (University of Central Oklahoma - Edmond) Start Time: 7:00pm
  • 🎓 Parker Millsap masterclass — free and open to public (University of Central Oklahoma - Edmond) Start Time: 2:00pm
  • Reading Wednesdays, Ages 2-5 (Myriad Botanical Gardens - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 9:30am Reading Wednesdays Every Wednesday, 9:30 am The Garden Classroom FREE Best for ages 2 to 5 Bring your youngster for story time each Wednesday at 9:30 am. Books are nature-themed and selected based on the season. We’ll begin with an interactive song and children will enjoy creating a small craft after the story. Join us the last Wednesday of…
  • SINGO Wednesdays (Lower Bricktown - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 6:30pm Beat the midweek hump with the new bar game that everyone is talking about! SINGO is a new and exciting musical spin on the traditional game of Bingo. Instead of listening for a number, players are listening to their favorite music. Enjoy 1/2 price domestic drafts & discounted appetizers! Plus we will be giving prizes each night to the winners.…
  • Steven Curtis Chapman: SCC SOLO (First Presbyterian Church - Edmond) Start Time: 7:30pm LIKE Awakening Events on Facebook for the chance to win prizes
  • Tiny Greenhouses (Myriad Botanical Gardens - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 6:00pm Wednesday, May 1, 6-7pm The Garden Classroom Member $8; Nonmember $10 Best for ages 7 to 10 Register by Friday, April 26 REGISTER HERE Start spring seeds with your family as we create mini greenhouses made out of recycled materials. We’ll learn the process of seed starting with hands-on planting time and discover the importance of greenhouses…
  • 😂 Vince Morris (Loony Bin Comedy Club - Oklahoma City) Thru Sat, May 4th

Thursday, May 2nd

  • 🎨 5 x 5 Art Show and Sale (Edmond Fine Arts - Edmond) Start Time: 5:00pm The Edmond Fine Arts Institute will present the "5 X 5 ART SHOW AND SALE" on Thursday, May 2, 2019. This exhibit consists of 5" by 5" art work, by a...
  • 🎨 105th Annual OU School of Visual Arts Student Exhibition (Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art - Norman) 1 day left Start Time: 10:00am This competitive juried show is held each spring and highlights the diverse works of art created by students from the University of Oklahoma’s School of...
  • Art Adventures (Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art - Norman) Start Time: 10:30am
  • 🎨 The Art of Flowers (Myriad Botanical Gardens - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 11:30am Thursday, May 2, 11:30 a.m. – 1 p.m. Park House Events Center at Myriad Botanical Gardens Co-chairs: Jil and Tony Boghetich Tickets on sale soon! Become a sponsor The Art of Flowers is a one-of-a-kind spring luncheon featuring a master floral arranger who will demonstrate how to create gorgeous and unusual floral arrangements that can be made…
  • Art Show at DNA Galleries (Plaza District - Oklahoma City) Thru Sun, May 5th Start Time: 6:00pm Featured in our gallery for the month of April is the work of Oklahoma artists Abby Stiglets, Natalie Miller, and Trisha Thompson Adams.
  • Beehive - The 60s Musical (Pollard Theatre - Guthrie) Thru Sat, May 4th Experience the ultimate celebration of 1960s nostalgia at a performance of "Beehive - the '60s Musical"…
  • Dayseeker (89th Street Collective - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 6:30pm Dayseeker with Understanding Eris This show is all ages. Tickets are $12 in advance at ticketstorm.com, charge by phone 18669661777, purchase hard copy...
  • Design Appetit (Farmer's Market - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 6:00pm Guests and sponsors will enjoy a beautiful 4-course dinner prepared by local chefs thoughtfully set at themed tablescapes designed by local artists and designers. Following dinner, sponsors will be invited to prepare the beds of their sponsored child and write an encouraging note.
  • 🏆 Oklahoma City Dodgers vs. Round Rock Express (Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark - Oklahoma City) Last Day Start Time: 7:05pm Double Header 2 seven inning games. First game starts at 11:05am. Second game starts 30 minutes after the conclusion of the first game.
  • 🏆 Lazy E Red Dirt Reining (Lazy E Arena - Guthrie) Day 1 of 2 Start Time: 8:00am The Lazy E Arena is proud to host their Red Dirt Reining.
  • Little River Band (The Criterion - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 8:00pm Reserved seating
  • 🎨 Melton Gallery: Art Department Senior Capstone Exhibition (University of Central Oklahoma - Edmond) Start Time: 5:30pm
  • 🎨 Next Phase/New Wave: Senior Capstone Exhibit (University of Central Oklahoma - Edmond) Start Time: 10:00am The "Next Phase/New Wave: Senior Capstone Exhibit" features work by eight graduating seniors from the UCO Art Department. Varying in medium, these...
  • 🎓 Oklahoma City - KickingBird Summer League (The Golf Club of Edmond - Edmond) Start Time: 5:30pm Driven by the Spark mobile app, our 9-hole, recreational leagues are fun, social and contain just the right Spark of competition. League players prepay...
  • 🎭 Senior Sendoff 2019 (Oklahoma City University - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 5:30pm Alumni Engagement invites the Class of 2019 to attend a reception to welcome all graduating students to the OCU Alumni Association. Join President Martha...
  • Susan Herndon And The Bella Counsel & Red Dennis With The Red Devils And The YuYus (The Blue Door - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 8:00pm
  • 😂 Vince Morris (Loony Bin Comedy Club - Oklahoma City) Thru Sat, May 4th

Friday, May 3rd

  • 🎨 105th Annual OU School of Visual Arts Student Exhibition (Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art - Norman) Last Day Start Time: 10:00am This competitive juried show is held each spring and highlights the diverse works of art created by students from the University of Oklahoma’s School of...
  • 405 LIVE! (ACTS Theatre - Oklahoma City) Day 1 of 2 Get ready for a night of deeply satisfying laughter as Oklahoma’s premier sketch comedy theatre, 405…
  • Art Show at DNA Galleries (Plaza District - Oklahoma City) Thru Sun, May 5th Start Time: 6:00pm Featured in our gallery for the month of April is the work of Oklahoma artists Abby Stiglets, Natalie Miller, and Trisha Thompson Adams.
  • Beehive - The 60s Musical (Pollard Theatre - Guthrie) 1 day left Experience the ultimate celebration of 1960s nostalgia at a performance of "Beehive - the '60s Musical"…
  • Cinco de Mayo Block Party (Calle Dos Cinco - Oklahoma City) Kick off your weekend with a trip to OKC's Historic Capitol Hill District for the Cinco de Mayo Block Party. At this…
  • The Contortionist in Concert (89th Street Collective - Oklahoma City) The Contortionist blends melodic metal sounds with ambient overtones and existential lyrics. After solidifying a new line-up…
  • Dancing in the Gardens ft. the Salsa (Myriad Botanical Gardens - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 7:00pm Dancing in the Gardens season returns with The Salsa! Details to come
  • DelQuest Committee Meeting (Don's Alley - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 8:00am
  • Downtown Edmond Arts Festival (Edmond) Thru Sun, May 5th More than 100 artists exhibit and sell their works of art at the Downtown Edmond Arts Festival each year. Come to this event…
  • First Friday Gallery Walk (Paseo Arts District - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 6:00pm The First Friday Gallery Walk in the Paseo Arts District occurs on the first Friday of every month. Friday night visitors…
  • 🎓 Free Zumba (Guthrie Library - Guthrie) Start Time: 5:00pm Dress to sweat! Free Latin inspired dance fitness class. Space is Limited. RSVP. The City of Guthrie, OK - Municipal Government Guthrie Chamber of...
  • 🎨 Friday Night Clay (Oklahoma Contemporary - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 6:00pm You spoke, and we heard you! Due to popular demand, more Friday Night Clay dates have been added. Bring a friend, date, neighbor, spouse, partner or...
  • El Reno Fried Onion Burger Day Festival (Downtown - El Reno) Day 1 of 2 The annual Fried Onion Burger Day Festival is a tribute to the popular fried onion hamburgers that have been cooked daily in…
  • Friends of the Norman Library Fall into Spring Booksale (Norman Public Library - Norman) Start Time: 6:00pm FRIENDS OF THE NORMAN LIBRARY FALL INTO SPRING BOOK SALE The biggest book sale of the year opens Friday 6-9 pm and continues Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm. Sunday 1-5 pm is BAG DAY. All general sale books that can be stuffed into a paper sack can be purchased for $5. Bags are provided on site. Collectibles and better books are reduced 50%. Over…
  • 🎭 Graduation reception (Oklahoma City University - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 9:00am We recently started a tradition in which we celebrate our new graduates on the morning of our spring pinning ceremony. We invite this year's graduating...
  • 🏆 Lazy E Red Dirt Reining (Lazy E Arena - Guthrie) Day 2 of 2 Start Time: 8:00am The Lazy E Arena is proud to host their Red Dirt Reining.
  • 🎓 OCA Central Region Annual Conference (Moore Norman Technology Center - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 8:00am
  • 🎓 Oklahoma Home Educators Convention (Cox Convention Center - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 8:00am The 2019 Oklahoma Home Educators Convention returns to the Cox Convention Center May 3rd and 4th!
  • Old Chicken Farm Vintage Barn Sale (Jones) Day 1 of 2 Oklahoma’s most talented pickers and painters will gather to sell their wares at the Old Chicken Farm Vintage Barn…
  • ONA Coin & Currency Show (Oklahoma State Fair Park - Oklahoma City) Thru Sun, May 5th The Oklahoma Numismatic Association hosts their annual spring coin and currency show at Oklahoma State Fair Park. Come…
  • OU Sooners vs Texas Tech (L. Dale Mitchell Baseball Park - Norman) Thru Sun, May 5th Cheer on the University of Oklahoma Sooners baseball team as they take the field at Mitchell Park in Norman and play…
  • Relay For Life of Cleveland County (Andrews Park - Norman) Start Time: 6:00pm
  • Rose Rock Music Festival (Noble City Hall - Noble) Thru Sun, May 5th Come to the Rose Rock Music Festival in downtown Noble for a fun-filled weekend featuring plenty of family activities.…
  • 🎨 Spring 2019 Exhibition Reception & OSSM Art Program Fundraiser (Oklahoma City Museum of Art - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 5:30pm Join us on Friday, May 3rd, from 5:30 to 9pm, for a reception honoring our Spring 2019 Group Exhibition artists and the students of the Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics Fine Arts Program.
    For the second year in a row, The Art Hall is honored to host the OSSM Fine Arts Program Annual Silent Art Auction. At this event, artwork by OSSM…
  • 🎓 Surreptitious: The After Work Social Mixer (Avenue 101 - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 5:00pm $10 Fishbowls $3 Hennessy Black $1 Beers $10 Hookah ($5 the 1st Hour) 3 Wine ::NO COVER::
  • 😂 Vince Morris (Loony Bin Comedy Club - Oklahoma City) 1 day left

Saturday, May 4th

  • 405 LIVE! (ACTS Theatre - Oklahoma City) Day 2 of 2 Get ready for a night of deeply satisfying laughter as Oklahoma’s premier sketch comedy theatre, 405…
  • Art Show at DNA Galleries (Plaza District - Oklahoma City) 1 day left Start Time: 6:00pm Featured in our gallery for the month of April is the work of Oklahoma artists Abby Stiglets, Natalie Miller, and Trisha Thompson Adams.
  • 🏃 Autism Oklahoma PieceWalk & 5K (Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark - Oklahoma City) https://piecewalk.org
  • The Beach Boys in Concert (Civic Center Music Hall - Oklahoma City) Head to the Civic Center Music Hall in Oklahoma City to catch The Beach Boys in concert. Relive some of the band's…
  • Beehive - The 60s Musical (Pollard Theatre - Guthrie) Last Day Experience the ultimate celebration of 1960s nostalgia at a performance of "Beehive - the '60s Musical"…
  • 🏃 Cargo Classic (Heritage Church - Shawnee) Cargo Ranch will be hosting the 4th annual Cargo Classic, a 5k and Fun Run, on May 4th at 8:00 am at Heritage Church at 2100 N Bryan Ave in Shawnee.
    \- USATF Sanctioned Event, Certified Course
    \- Medals for top 3 in each Age group
    \- Cash Prizes for overall top 3 male and female
    Sign up at www.runsignup.com/cargoclassic
    Early bird…
  • Cargo Classic 5K & Fun Run (Heritage Church - Shawnee) Head to Shawnee for the Fourth Annual Cargo Classic this May benefitting Cargo Ranch, a horse mentorship program for youth.…
  • Cowboys of Color Rodeo (Oklahoma State Fairgrounds Jim Norick Arena - Oklahoma City) Experience the fun and excitement of the Cowboys of Color Rodeo in Oklahoma City. This competitive rodeo features over 200…
  • Don McLean in Concert (Tower Theatre Studio - Oklahoma City) One of America's most enduring songwriters stops at the Tower Theatre in Oklahoma City. See Don McLean live during an…
  • Downtown Edmond Arts Festival (Edmond) 1 day left More than 100 artists exhibit and sell their works of art at the Downtown Edmond Arts Festival each year. Come to this event…
  • Festival of the Child (Yukon City Park - Yukon) Yukon's Festival of the Child is a one-day, outdoor event designed to celebrate children and childhood. Come and…
  • El Reno Fried Onion Burger Day Festival (Downtown - El Reno) Day 2 of 2 The annual Fried Onion Burger Day Festival is a tribute to the popular fried onion hamburgers that have been cooked daily in…
  • Kenny Chesney: Songs For The Saints Tour (Chesapeake Energy Arena - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 7:00pm Kenny Chesney is bringing his "Songs for the Saints" Tour to the Chesapeake Energy Arena. The Chesapeake Energy…
  • KMGL Cinco de Mayo (Riverwind Casino - Norman) Head to Riverwind Casino to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with festive tunes and plenty of dancing. Guests can hear a range of…
  • Muscle Walk (Joe B. Barnes Regional Park - Midwest City) Walk your way to the finish line at the family-friendly Muscle Walk held in Midwest City. All ages are invited to celebrate…
  • 🏆 OKC Energy FC vs. Tacoma Defiance (Taft Stadium - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 7:30pm Experience the excitement of major league soccer in Oklahoma as the Oklahoma City Energy Football Club takes on the Seattle…
  • OKC Women's Living Expo (Oklahoma State Fair Park - Oklahoma City) Day 1 of 2 Head to Oklahoma City for a weekend full of fun at the Women's Living Expo. This event at Oklahoma State Fair Park will…
  • Old Chicken Farm Vintage Barn Sale (Jones) Day 2 of 2 Oklahoma’s most talented pickers and painters will gather to sell their wares at the Old Chicken Farm Vintage Barn…
  • ONA Coin & Currency Show (Oklahoma State Fair Park - Oklahoma City) 1 day left The Oklahoma Numismatic Association hosts their annual spring coin and currency show at Oklahoma State Fair Park. Come…
  • OU Sooners vs Oklahoma State Cowgirls (OU Softball Complex - Norman) Watch the University of Oklahoma Sooners take on the competition at the OU Softball Complex in Norman. The fast paced action…
  • OU Sooners vs Texas Tech (L. Dale Mitchell Baseball Park - Norman) 1 day left Cheer on the University of Oklahoma Sooners baseball team as they take the field at Mitchell Park in Norman and play…
  • Plant the Plaza (Plaza District - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 2:00pm We're getting clean and green on the Plaza, and we need your help! Join us for our 2019 Plant the Plaza. Free beer for all volunteers, generously provided by Anthem Brewing.
  • Post 319 Fish Fry (Oklahoma City) Attend the Post 319 Fish Fry in Oklahoma City, and dive into tasty eats. Each meal ticket includes two pieces of…
  • Red Brick Nights (Oklahoma Ave & Wentz Ave - Guthrie) From May to September, look forward to Guthrie's monthly Red Brick Nights, the town's food truck and live…
  • Rose Rock Music Festival (Noble City Hall - Noble) 1 day left Come to the Rose Rock Music Festival in downtown Noble for a fun-filled weekend featuring plenty of family activities.…
  • VDubs on Auto Alley (Oklahoma City) Come join the VW Club of Oklahoma City for VDubs on Auto Alley car show, and check out some great looking classic air and…
  • 😂 Vince Morris (Loony Bin Comedy Club - Oklahoma City) Last Day

Sunday, May 5th

  • Art Show at DNA Galleries (Plaza District - Oklahoma City) Last Day Start Time: 6:00pm Featured in our gallery for the month of April is the work of Oklahoma artists Abby Stiglets, Natalie Miller, and Trisha Thompson Adams.
  • Downtown Edmond Arts Festival (Edmond) Last Day More than 100 artists exhibit and sell their works of art at the Downtown Edmond Arts Festival each year. Come to this event…
  • OKC Women's Living Expo (Oklahoma State Fair Park - Oklahoma City) Day 2 of 2 Head to Oklahoma City for a weekend full of fun at the Women's Living Expo. This event at Oklahoma State Fair Park will…
  • ONA Coin & Currency Show (Oklahoma State Fair Park - Oklahoma City) Last Day The Oklahoma Numismatic Association hosts their annual spring coin and currency show at Oklahoma State Fair Park. Come…
  • OU Sooners vs Texas Tech (L. Dale Mitchell Baseball Park - Norman) Last Day Cheer on the University of Oklahoma Sooners baseball team as they take the field at Mitchell Park in Norman and play…
  • Rose Rock Music Festival (Noble City Hall - Noble) Last Day Come to the Rose Rock Music Festival in downtown Noble for a fun-filled weekend featuring plenty of family activities.…
  • Season Finale Concerts (OCCC Visual and Performing Arts Center - Oklahoma City) Join Oklahoma Youth Orchestras for an evening of stirring performances by some of Oklahoma's most talented young…
  • The Norman Singers Spring Concert (Wildwood Community Church - Norman) Come celebrate spring with the Norman Singers, a non-audition choir made up of Norman-area residents from all walks of…
  • 🏃 Guthrie Super Sprint Duathlon (Guthrie) This Duathlon takes place on main street in downtown Guthrie, OK. A very flat, fast run and bike course!!
    This is a USAT Sanctioned Event. It will follow all USAT rules and guidelines.
    Ipico Chip Timing by Tri Youth Racing
    Standard USAT Overall, Age Group & Weight awards will be given. Male and Female Overall, Overall Masters, Grand…

Monday, May 6th

  • The Allman Betts Band in Concert (Tower Theatre Studio - Oklahoma City) Devon Allman and Duane Betts are joining forces as The Allman Betts Band to bring some Southern rock to the Tower…

Tuesday, May 7th

  • 🏆 Oklahoma City Dodgers vs. Nashville Sounds (Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark - Oklahoma City) Thru Fri, May 10th Start Time: 7:05pm
  • The Killers in Concert (Zoo Amphitheatre - Oklahoma City) Best-known for "Mr. Brightside," alternative rock band the Killers have continued churning out top hits since they…
  • Lord Huron (The Criterion - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 8:00pm Don't miss Lord Huron at The Criterion in Oklahoma City for a special evening of indie folk rock. This Michigan-born,…
  • St. Paul & The Broken Bones in Concert (The Jones Assembly - Oklahoma City) Get ready to sway, sweat and shout when St. Paul & The Broken Bones take over The Jones Assembly in OKC.
  • Wheeler Criterium (Oklahoma City) Once the weather starts warming up, gather your crew and head south of the Oklahoma River for the Wheeler Criterium each and…

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