Online Casino Blacklist - Casinos You Need to Avoid in 2020

Blacklist is the Vegas of Coverage

It finally struck me. Blacklist coverage is like Las Vegas. It’s a casino. They lure you in with the hope that a randomly assigned reader or two will give you a high score or two that makes the service worthwhile. You’re rolling the dice. A few may get lucky. Maybe you get an 8,9, or elusive 10 on your first try. Or maybe you fork out for 2, or 3, 4, 5 reviews. The likelihood of it is slim but it happens enough, at least for someone who isn’t you that you keep coming back.
But what it’s not is a coverage service. You get twitter limited characters that can’t possibly give you any useful or valuable insight. Sometimes the reviews are fair and sometimes they’re not. But even for the “bargain” you pay for blacklist “coverage” you overpay.
Here’s my most recent coverage for a submission I made. It’s a period film about a sports legend who won 11 consecutive PGA tournaments in 1945.
Strengths: “We all love an underdog, and despite being white in a time when that was a massive advantage and living near a golf course, Byron has to struggle.”
What? Who is this vetted reader with a year of coverage experience? I understand subjectivity but professional coverage also demands a certain degree of objectivity. What other useful nuggets did this woke aspiring screenwriter submit?
Weaknesses: “The characters don’t interrogate their gender archetypes...” (what? Did I just submit this to a gender study class at UCLA?)
But this is my favorite. “The extreme racism of the era is whitewashed from the character journeys and dialog.”
I guess for this reader every film needs to be about racism.
This reader reads for the blacklist.
I could roll the dice a few more times at the blacklist casino in hopes for more, but why bother? At the blacklist the house always wins. And how could they not with dealers like this?
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Pakistan's best way to make India feel the heat on Kashmir in the future is unmitigated cyberwarfare on their economy

I've been thinking for a while what Pakistan's best approach could be in actually making India pay a tangible cost for their reckless actions and which could impose an actual quantifiable pricetag to deter or respond firmly to any future aggression. India banks on the fact that political moves designed to provoke Pakistan cannot be responded to with military action and that situation is a win-win for India since they know we won't reciprocate by revoking Pakistani Kashmir's autonomy, giving India the upper hand on their side. So Pakistan is left in the current dilemma of either doing nothing or having a harsh military response, either of which are bad options for Pakistan. The problem is that India is emboldened to further cross the line by a weak Pakistan that can't respond. However, for Pakistan, everyone knows that India is not going to stop unless they suffer some actual damage, but using the military to do that may be both counterintuitive and falling into the trap of inviting a war which India wants. India is playing the dirty game of making moves that can't easily be countered so Pakistan must also make some moves that have an impact on India and which are difficult for them to counter. Right now Pakistan has only given hollow statements, we have not responded with any hard action against India. They must pay some price for it, they should not be allowed to get away free for something as heinous as revoking Kashmir's autonomy so something must be done whose effects India will actually feel.
It is on that note that I recently talked about the matter with an Iranian friend who offered a different perspective as someone looking at the India-Pakistan conflict from a distance. He said that Iran is the expert of engaging in proxy warfare and plausible deniability with Israel, Saudia, and the US and that some of the strategic moves Iran has taken to corner its adversaries have surprised him in how effective they were at increasing the pressure on enemies while making it almost impossible for those enemies to retaliate. Shooting down a US drone in Iranian airspace is difficult for the US to counter, seizing a tanker is difficult to counter, striking oil fields in Saudi Arabia is difficult to counter, etc. The point being that Pakistan needs some kind of action that India will feel an actual price. The problem for Pakistan is that there are no drones to shoot down, no tankers to seize, and striking targets is too provocative for any country besides Iran. However, he mentioned that there is a fourth tactic Iran utilizes that Pakistan could definitely use to engage India and that is cyberwarfare. This favors Pakistan since it will hurt India where it hurts most: their economy. Pakistan would be able to impose major physical consequences to India without using the military which is a major strategic benefit. Given that the vast majority of industries are completely unprepared for any kind of cyber attack, which is the case for many industries in the US and Europe, let alone India, cyberwarfare is likely one of the most effective ways for Pakistan to force a change in Indian policy.
It goes without saying that the first step in this process would be to start heavily fortifying Pakistan's own industries and assets to guard against the inevitable retaliatory cyber attacks that would be returned by India like Stuxnet in Iran. This cyber buildup should be done for at least a few years and Pakistan needs to ramp up and invest human capital into its cyber defenses through hackathons in universities across the country to flush out any major vulnerabilities and plug them. Pakistan should start reaching out, connecting, and learning with major cyber superpowers like Iran and China who have mastered the art of the cyberspace. Iran has managed to wipe out entire data centers and cripple Aramco with Shamoon malware. The Saudis hard drives were so disk nuked and trashed that it was easier to buy new ones than fix the old ones. Iran also wreaked total havoc and chaos on a Las Vegas casino causing $40 million USD of damage after its Israeli owner, Sheldon Adelson advocated bombing Iran. The point being that cyberwarfare doesn't just have consequences in the electronic world, those consequences have major effects in the real world that people can actually feel. This is what makes cyberwarfare one of the most effective kinds of retaliation against an adversary and it is exactly the kind of cost Pakistan needs to exact against India right now.
India's crown jewel is their economy and they will do anything to save it. The cracks in their economy are already showing signs of weakening. As it turns out, a weak economy is the only thing that has proven to be effective in turning hardcore BJP supporters against the Modi gov't. Pakistan can't effect any serious change in direction with India unless we target the heart of their strength, and that is their economy. India has relentlessly tried to blacklist Pakistan through a malicious international lobbying smear campaign to bankrupt our economy with FATF sanctions, it is time to take the gloves off and return the favor to India by waging unmitigated cyberwarfare against their economy. Target their cancerous media, their banks, cripple their government computers, their IT clusters, data centers, and manufacturing facilities. Once India feels the heat and sees that Pakistan can and will retaliate for their long unchecked aggression, we might have some hope of instilling some rational sense back into their people to vote out the current regime. Accelerating the weakening of India's economy is the best way to inflict enough damage to bring them to the bargaining table without starting a full-blown war. Pakistan has nothing to lose and India has everything to lose. We have tried avenues of peace and they have failed, but doing nothing is not an option. If India has any sense, cyberwarfare against their economy might knock them back into reality and force them to end their aggression or turn their people against the gov't and vote them out to prevent any further damage to the economy.
Building up a strong cyber force is Pakistan's best option to combat an increasingly aggressive and unchecked India. It will take a long time, a lot of effort, and major investment on the part of the gov't, industry, and universities of Pakistan coordinating and working together but it is an achievable goal. Iran and China are among the world's best cyber superpowers have successfully been able to develop strong offensive cyber capabilites. We are incredibly lucky because we are neighbors and have good relations with both countries and should take full advantage of this opportunity. The gov't needs to create CS exchange programs between Pakistan, Iran, and China to work on joint electronic defense mechanisms, Pakistan will benefit the most from the arrangement of such an initiative. We should learn from them and interface with their expertise to increase our own cyberwarfare abilities.
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Tips Dan Trick Bermain Judi Online Sportsbook

Tips Dan Trick Bermain Judi Online Sportsbook
Semua para pejudi pasti ingin namanya mengharapkan kemenangan, entah itu di permainan Ceme,Live casino, ataupun togel DLL, hal tersebut juga berlaku untuk hal yang akan kita bahas hari ini yaitu sportsbook.
Menang, lalu anda withdrawkan uang nya berbentuk tunai masuk ke dalam rekening bank anda, bentuk suatu kebahagiaan yang tak ternilai bagi para pecinta judi.
Terus pertanyaannya apakah segampang itu ?
Tapi untuk hal yang akan kita bahas satu ini, itu sangat masuk akal untuk anda menangkan, mengigat Sportsbook adalah jenis perjudian yang realistis dan tentang bagaimana anda menebak satu tim yang menang dengan teknik yang tepat.
Mungkin sebagian dari anda adalah golongan skeptis yang masih menggangap judi adalah hal yang sulit dimenangkan atau masih menganggap judi hanyalah permainan keberuntungan semata ?
Anda percaya tidak, jika saya mengatakan didunia ini terdapat manusia yang memiliki kemampuan analisis yang sudah melebihi manusia normal bahkan memiliki kemampuan untuk melihat peluang dan selalu meraih kemenangan dalam judi Sportsbook (bola).
Diluar negeri banyak sekali para predictor yang melakukan penjualan tips-tips bola dan tentu saja hal tersebut benar sangat akurat hingga 90% , tersedia pula asuransi jika tips yang di berikan kala, dengan ini kita bisa mengambil contoh bahwa hal yang kita bahas kali ini adalah fakta. Tidak usah jauh sampai ke mancanegara, di indonesia contohnya silahkan coba anda tanyakan pada bandar anda bermain judi bola, ada berapa pemain yang sudah kena blacklist oleh bandar ?
Hal tersebut wajar saja diblack list oleh bandar, logika nya mana ada bandar yang mau kalah terus, jika kalah terus dimana ada dapat keuntungan nya ?
Dimana menurut para penjudi proffesional yang tentunya sudah go internasional sampai ke las vegas, banyak yang berpendapat kalau ingin bermain judi, hanya ada dua jenis judi yang paling logis untuk dimainkan dan dimenangkan, tentu pastinya itu adalah sportsbook dan poker.
Namun jika mental anda hanya bernaluri untung-untungan semata maka saran stop bermain judi, dikarenakan akan mustahil anda memenangkan satu permainan pun.
Hilangkan dari pikiran anda untuk ingin menjadi seorang proffesional apabila anda hanya memiliki modal keberuntungan.
Selalu tanamkan dalam hati dan pikiran anda, Keberuntungan adalah Ketika persiapan bertemu dengan kesempatan.
Dari kalimat yang saya berikan ada dua kalimat menjadi kunci yaitu Persiapan dan Kesempatan. Percuma juga anda melakukan judi bola tanpa persiapan berupa pengetahuan dan informasi tentang sepakbola pastinya.
Tips Dan Trick Sportsbook
  1. Perbanyak Pengetahuan Tentang Bola
Sepakbola bukan tentang melulu olahraga yang menendang bola saja, bahkan sudah menjadi bisnis yang luar biasa besar saat ini di dunia. Sepakbola adalah olahraga terfavorit di dunia, jangan menggunakan stigma dulu yang banyak orang bincangkan seperti "Bola itu bulat" jika anda masih berpegang teguh pada prinsip konyol seperti itu saran saya segera anda berhenti membaca artikel saya. Kenali club-club sepakbola, siapa saja pemainnya, siapa pemain kunci dalam tim, bagaimana kekuatan lawan dan sebagainya. Informasi seperti ini akan membantu anda sekali dalam pengambilan suatu keputusan dalam hal bertaruh.
2. Berlangganan pada satu situs prediksi
Ribuan situs prediksi sepakbola banyak anda jumpai pada google, mulai dari indonesia sampai luar negeri, dan berbahasa inggris pula. Anda bisa berlangganan pada situs indonesia jika anda kurang mahir dalam berbahasa inggris. Tapi sayangnya disitus indonesia memiliki fitur yang tidak lengkap atau lebih banyak membuat prediksi asal-asal. Tentu saja hal tersebut sangat memalukan dan merugikan banyak pihak, bagaimana tidak banyak sekali prediktor indonesia yang membual dengan gampang mengaku mendapatkan prediksi dari luar negeri, jangan mudah percaya akan hal tersebut dan di kaji ulang apa lagi dengan harga satu tips yang tidak masuk akal harganya.
3. Paham dan Mengerti tentang judi Bola yang anda mainkan.
banyak sekali para bettor di indonesia pusing jika melihat tampilan judi bola pada layar hape atau laptop, dan banyak sekali juga para pejudi yang menyukai bola tapi sayangnya masih tidak paham akan peraturan dalam judi bola, hal tersebut benar sangat disayangkan dikarenakan anda bermain judi tapi bukan sesuatu hal permainan yang anda sukai saran saya jika anda suka maka belajarlah untuk paham dan mengerti, anda harus mengerti seperti Odds, Key, Fur, pasaran lain dan sebagainya.
4. Cari match yang memiliki odds dan pasaran terbaik.
Kebanyakan salah satu mistake yang fatal para bettor bola, kurang nya terlalu merhatiin hal sederhana seperti odds dan terlalu monoton, danhanya bermain di kompetisi di Liga-liga besar saja seperti liga Inggris,Spanyol,Italy atau liga besar lainnya. Jika tidak ada odds yang bagus atau odds tinggi pada liga besar bisa anda mainkan di liga kecil seperti liga Yunani, Liga rusia atau Liga indonesia, Jangan pernah ragu untuk selalu berimprovisasi. Bermain taruhan atau judi bola ini orientasi kita adalah mendapatkan kemenangan bukan semata hanya tim favorit anda sedang bermain.
5. Jangan Bertaruh pada tim favorit
Ini juga banyak sekali para bettor indonesia melakukan kesalahan yang bertaruh pada tim favorit tidak peduli lawan nya tim dari mana, atau club dari mana, tidak peduli odds nya tinggi, puur nya menggila, tetap tidak peduli alias sudah maniac dan terakhirnya tenggelam, awal nya jadi tim favorit malah jadi tim yang di benci.
Judi bola tentang analisis logika, bukan tentang feeling, harus di garis bawahi perihal tersebut.
6. Melihat potensi dari taruhan yang tidak biasa.
Ada berapa jenis taruhan yang anda ketahui ?
Jika saya melihat banyak sekali para pejudi belum menguasai jenis permainan sportsbook ini, dikarenakan hanya mengetahui jenis yang simple saja contoh nya Handicap, 1x2 , Over Under, Odd Even, Atau Mix parlay saja. Padahal masih banyak taruhan yang lain nya seperti Correct Score, Outright, Full Time dan Half Time Bet, Last Goal dan First Goal, First Yellow card, First Corner dan lain-lain. Tentu saja hal ini penting anda kuasai, semakin banyak anda ketahui semakin besar peluang anda ciptakan, semakin besar pulak kesempatan menang yang anda raih. Masih ingat musim Liga Inggris 2014/15 dimana ketika Leicester City memenangkan juara Liga ? nah ketika itu berapa odds tim ini menjadi juara ? perkalian nya menggila hingga x5000 lipat bosku. Coba anda asumsikan saja jika anda bertaruh 10.000 pada Leicester musim 2014/2015 kalikan saja 10.000 x 5.000 = 50.000.000 ( lima puluh juta rupiah ) . Menarik bukan ? tentu inilah namanya kita melewatkan kesempatan karena kita kurang mengerti akan permainan yang kita mainkan.
7. Jeli tentang odds.
Terkadang ada terjadi kejanggalan hal yang aneh pada odds yang akan kita bet, contoh nya seperti club super raksasa melawan club klasemen 10 besar, dan secara logika harusnya club besar tersebut harus fuur sampai 2 goal, malah ini ada kejanggalan furan hanya setengah, nah disitu anda berpikir mungkin bandar bodoh atau melakukan kesalahan, setelah anda lakukan taruhan, akhirnya anda kalah. Hal seperti ini sering kita jumpai dikarenakan bandar sudah mengetahui tim tersebut kemungkinan ada pemain mega bintang yang tidak di turunkan atau mencoba strategi baru, hal kecil seperti ini wajib anda perhatikan kembali sebelum memasang taruhnan anda.
8. Bertaruh 1x2
Pilihan taruhan yang di sediakan bandar salah satu nya ialah 1x2, dan jenis ini paling jarang sekali diminati oleh para bettor kecuali jika para bettor untuk bermain di parlay walau odds sekecil semut pun tak luput di masukan juga oleh para bettor amatir kedalam parlaynya. padahal disini kita bisa mengambil kesempatan dari odds yang super kecil, bayangkan saja jika Barcelona bertemu Tim kecil, maka odds nya jika anda bet 1 juta maka kemenangan hanya 100 ribu, jika barcelona seri atau kalah maka lewong lah uang anda satu juta. Kemungkinan barcelona kalah sangatlah kecil apalagi Barcelona dalam keadaan prima anda sudah bisa menganalisis hal tersebut menggunakan logika. Bertaruh 1x2 hanya untuk orang yang professional saja dan berani mengambil resiko.
9. Memiliki id di situs bola terpercaya
Untuk menhindari Bandar-bandar yang nakal saran saya disini segeralah anda bermain di lapak yang jujur, jangan bermain di bandar abal-abal banyak sekali withdraw player yang tidak di bayar, baru-baru saja kejadian terjadi teman facebook berbagi pengalaman bermain parlay tembus sampai 130 juta, tapi id lansung di suspend dan mengatakan id bermain secara ilegal ? logika nya dimana kita main parlay kok bisa ilegal. Berbagi pengalaman saja.
10. Margin Kas
Nah disini berulang kali saya tegaskan kepada para bettor mau sekalipun anda bermain judi di bidang apapun, penting sekali harus punya kas, dikarenakan hal ini sangat penting disaat anda ketika ada waktu coba di buka kembali di totalkan dalam seminggu atau sebulan anda bisa profit berapa. Sampai disini saja saya berbagi Tips dan Trick bermain Sportsbook, saran saya tetap bermain santai jangan bernafsu semoga tulisan ini dapat banyak membantu para bettor yang sudah banyak mengalami kekalahan.
Jangan lupa juga untuk bermain di situs terpercaya dan terbesar, jika anda menang besar sekalipun withdraw anda tetap lancar alias di proses, untuk itu saya rekomendasikan situs terpercaya dan terbesar itu di MUSEUMBOLA atau kunjungi www(dot)museumbola(dot)live atau hub Whatsapp official MUSEUMTOTO +6283157394921 ^^
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[H] TF2 Keys and Refined Metal [W] Listed Steam Gifts

Send me an offer directly via this link
Edit, gotta fix formating, use ctrl-f to find the games for the moment :/
100% Orange Juice = 1 key 7 Days to Die = 6 keys A New Beginning - Final Cut = 18 refined A Story About My Uncle = 1 key Abyss Odyssey = 18 refined Ace of Spades: Battle Builder = 25 refined Achron = 3 refined Age of Empires II HD = 6 keys Age of Empires III: Complete Collection = 8 keys Age of Wonders III = 4 keys Alan Wake = 2 keys Alan Wake Franchise = 3 keys Alice: Madness Returns = 4 keys Alien: Isolation = 4 keys Aliens vs. Predator™ = 18 refined Alpha Protocol™ = 1 key American Truck Simulator = 30 refined Amnesia Collection = 5 keys Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs = 1 key, 18 refined Amnesia: The Dark Descent = 2 keys Among the Sleep - Enhanced Edition = 1 key, 25 refined Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures = 30 refined Anno 1404 Gold = 2 keys Anno 2070 Complete Edition = 7 keys Anno 2070 DLC Complete Pack = 4 keys Anno 2070™ = 5 keys Antichamber = 2 keys ArcaniA = 1 key, 25 refined Arena Wars 2 = 7 refined ARK: Survival Evolved = 8 keys Arma 2 = 1 key Arma 2: Combined Operations = 1 key, 30 refined Arma 2: Complete Collection = 2 keys, 25 refined Arma 3 = 11 keys Arma X: Anniversary Edition = 1 key, 25 refined ARMA: Cold War Assault = 7 refined Armello = 2 keys, 20 refined Assassin’s Creed® III = 7 keys Assassin’s Creed® IV Black Flag™ = 6 keys Assassin’s Creed® Liberation HD = 3 keys Assassin’s Creed® Rogue = 2 keys, 25 refined Assassin's Creed Brotherhood = 5 keys Assassin's Creed Freedom Cry = 3 keys Assassin's Creed II: Deluxe Edition = 2 keys, 20 refined Assassin's Creed Revelations = 3 keys, 20 refined Assassin's Creed® Syndicate = 2 keys, 20 refined Assassin's Creed® Unity = 5 keys Assassin's Creed™: Director's Cut Edition = 2 keys, 20 refined Bad Rats: the Rats Revenge = 3 refined Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition = 3 keys Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition = 3 keys Banished = 3 keys, 30 refined Barony = 40 refined Bastion = 45 refined Batman: Arkham Asylum Game of the Year Edition = 2 keys Batman: Arkham City - Game of the Year Edition = 2 keys Batman™: Arkham Knight = 4 keys Batman™: Arkham Origins = 1 key BattleBlock Theater = 3 keys Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam = 4 keys Battlefield: Bad Company™ 2 = 2 keys, 25 refined Betrayer = 18 refined Binding of Isaac: Wrath of the Lamb = 5 refined Bioshock Infinite = 4 keys BIOSHOCK: THE COLLECTION = 8 keys BioShock™ Remastered = 3 keys BIT.TRIP BEAT = 15 refined BIT.TRIP COLLECTION = 2 keys BIT.TRIP Presents... Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien = 1 key BIT.TRIP RUNNER = 25 refined Bit.Trip.Runner Franchise Pack = 30 refined Black Mesa = 6 keys Blockstorm = 18 refined Bloody Trapland = 15 refined Borderlands 2 = 2 keys, 20 refined Borderlands 2 - Captain Scarlett and her Pirate's Booty = 1 key Borderlands 2 - Psycho Pack = 2 keys Borderlands 2 Game of the Year = 5 keys Borderlands 2 Season Pass = 4 keys Borderlands 2: Headhunter 1: Bloody Harvest = 1 key Borderlands 2: Headhunter 2: Wattle Gobbler = 1 key Borderlands 2: Headhunter 3: Mercenary Day = 1 key Borderlands 2: Headhunter 4: Wedding Day Massacre = 1 key Borderlands 2: Headhunter 5: Son of Crawmerax = 1 key Borderlands 2: Mechromancer Pack = 1 key Borderlands 2: Mr. Torgue’s Campaign of Carnage = 1 key Borderlands 2: Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt = 1 key Borderlands 2: Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep = 1 key Borderlands 2: Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack 2 = 2 keys Borderlands 2: Ultimate Vault Hunters Upgrade Pack = 1 key Borderlands GOTY + Borderlands 2 = 5 keys Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel = 7 keys Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Season Pass = 8 keys Bound By Flame = 1 key Braid = 1 key Brink Complete Pack = 3 keys Broforce = 2 keys Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons = 10 refined Brutal Legend = 30 refined Bully: Scholarship Edition = 2 keys Bunch of Heroes = 15 refined Call of Duty: World at War = 7 keys Call of Duty® 2 = 7 keys Call of Duty® 4: Modern Warfare® = 5 keys Call of Duty®: Black Ops = 10 keys Call of Duty®: Black Ops II = 10 keys Call of Duty®: Ghosts = 5 keys Call of Duty®: Ghosts - Devastation (DLC) = 2 keys Call of Duty®: Ghosts - Invasion (DLC) = 2 keys Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® 2 = 8 keys Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® 3 = 7 keys Call of Juarez® Gunslinger = 2 keys Call of Juarez™ = 1 key, 20 refined Can't Stop Laughing Bundle = 3 keys Car Mechanic Simulator 2014 = 1 key Car Mechanic Simulator 2015 = 4 keys Carmageddon TDR 2000 = 7 refined Castle Crashers = 2 keys Castle of Illusion = 18 refined CastleMiner Z = 7 refined Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate HD = 2 keys Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Ultimate Edition = 4 keys Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Digital Bundle = 7 keys Chaos on Deponia = 18 refined Child of Light = 2 keys, 10 refined Chivalry: Complete Pack = 1 key, 20 refined Chivalry: Medieval Warfare = 1 key Cities in Motion = 18 refined Cities in Motion 2 = 25 refined Cities: Skylines = 4 keys Colin McRae Rally = 30 refined Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath = 30 refined Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars = 1 key Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight = 2 keys Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 = 1 key Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 - Uprising = 1 key Commandos Pack = 30 refined Company of Heroes 2 = 2 keys Congo = 10 refined Contagion = 10 refined Contraption Maker = 1 refined Contrast = 30 refined Costume Quest = 30 refined Costume Quest 2 = 1 key Counter-Strike = 2 keys, 10 refined Counter-Strike: Global Offensive = 5 keys Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (sub) = 5 keys Counter-Strike: Source = 3 keys Craft The World = 2 keys Crash Drive 2 = 6 refined Crusader Kings Complete = 18 refined Crusader Kings II = 2 keys Crypt of the NecroDancer = 2 keys Crysis = 5 keys Crysis 2 - Maximum Edition = 2 keys Crysis Warhead® = 2 keys Crysis® Maximum Edition = 6 keys Cubemen 2 = 10 refined Daedalic Adventure Bundle = 1 key, 20 refined Damned = 1 key Dark Messiah of Might & Magic = 30 refined DARK SOULS™ II: Scholar of the First Sin = 5 keys DARK SOULS™: Prepare To Die™ Edition = 6 keys Darkest Dungeon = 5 key Day of Defeat = 6 refined Dead by Daylight = 7 keys Dead Island Definitive Edition = 1 key Dead Island Riptide - Definitive Edition = 5 keys Dead Realm = 3 keys Dead Space = 1 key Dead Space™ 2 = 1 key, 20 refined Deadlight = 30 refined Deadlight = 18 refined Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut = 18 refined DEFCON = 2 refined Defender's Quest: Valley of the Forgotten = 1 key, 10 refined Defy Gravity Extended = 1 refined Demigod = 18 refined Democracy 3 = 4 keys Democracy 3 Collector's Edition = 4 keys Deponia = 3 refined Deponia: The Complete Journey = 1 key Depth = 2 keys, 10 refined Deus Ex: Game of the Year Edition = 18 refined Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut = 3 keys Deus Ex: Invisible War = 30 refined Deus Ex: Mankind Divided = 3 keys Developer Alliance Bundle = 30 refined Devil May Cry® 3 Special Edition = 1 key, 20 refined Devil May Cry® 4 Special Edition = 2 keys, 20 refined Diehard Dungeon = 6 refined Dino D-Day = 6 refined Dishonored = 3 keys Dishonored - Game of the Year Edition = 5 keys Divekick = 18 refined Divinity Anthology = 30 refined Divinity: Dragon Commander = 1 key, 20 refined DmC: Devil May Cry = 2 keys, 20 refined DmC: Devil May Cry Complete Pack = 3 keys Don't Starve = 4 keys Don't Starve Together = 30 refined Don't Starve: Reign of Giants = 18 refined Don't Starve: Shipwrecked = 1 key DOOM 2016 = 8 keys DOOM 3 = 30 refined DOOM 3 Pack = 30 refined Doom 3: BFG Edition = 30 refined Doom Classic Complete = 1 key Dragon Age: Origins = 3 keys Dragon Age: Origins - Ultimate Edition = 7 keys Draw a Stickman: EPIC = 10 refined Dreamfall Chapters = 3 keys Drunken Robot Pornography = 30 refined Duck Game = 2 keys, 20 refined Duke Nukem Forever = 1 key, 20 refined Dungeon Defenders = 3 keys Dungeon Defenders Collection (Summer-Winter 2012) = 5 keys Dungeon Defenders II = 2 keys Dungeon Siege Collection = 2 keys Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara = 6 refined Dust: An Elysian Tail = 2 keys E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy = 18 refined EDGE = 30 refined Edge of Space = 6 refined Electronic Super Joy = 18 refined Eleusis = 6 refined Empire: Total War™ = 4 keys Endless Space Collection = 25 refined Endless Space® - 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Facial recognition

Facial recognition
Arivon Technologies enables to explore the latest trends on Facial Recognition and utilize the maximum benefits of this Technology. Please visit for more details. Contact us [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) .
Facial Recognition
Face recognition describes a biometric technology that attempts to establish an individual’s identity. Also known as facial recognition or face detection, the process works using a computer application that captures a digital image of an individual’s face (sometimes taken from a video frame) and compares it to images in a database of stored records.
How Facial Recognition Systems Work:
Anyone who has seen the TV shows "Las Vegas" has seen facial recognition software in action. In any given episode, the security department at the fictional Montecito Hotel and Casino uses its video surveillance system to pull an image of a card counter, thief or blacklisted individual. It then runs that image through the database to find a match and identify the person. By the end of the hour, all bad guys are escorted from the casino or thrown in jail. But what looks so easy on TV doesn't always translate as well in the real world.
The Police Department in many countries has installed cameras equipped with facial recognition technology in their Cities to cut down on crime in the area.
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Caesars Casinos lose $386 in Q1 of 2014

Another major casino operator announced significant loss in the first quarter of 2014 and it looks like the industry as a whole is struggling. Caesars Entertainment runs several venues worldwide and the recent numbers show that they were 77% worse than the same quarter of 2013. Revenue is falling at an accelerated pace and there is very little that the management can do to end the strike. The explanations are multiple, including the one of CEO Gary Loveman who claims that bad weather is responsible for the poor results. Apparently, the representative things that the reason for why profits fell so much and turned into lost is the consequence of fewer people traveling to these tourist destinations. The properties in Las Vegas are not doing very well overall and other companies besides Caesars suffer the consequences in 2014. Basically, the vast majority of games were the result of hikes in hotel room rates, while the casinos themselves didn't generate any profit whatsoever in the first quarter of 2014. Caesars Entertainment runs several casinos in Philadelphia and Atlantic City, but neither of them proved to be very profitable. This only comes as a pale consolation for PokerStars, after the company tried unsuccessfully to acquire a casino in Atlantic City. They are still very active nationwide and fight a war on two fronts, on one hand pushing for the regulation of online poker, on the other trying to establish a beachhead by running their own casino. It is hard to predict if they will get to fulfill any of these goals, but there are some indications that PokerStars might be successful after all in California. Meanwhile, land-based casino operators are trying to stay afloat and as far as Caesars is concerned, these are not looking too good. Besides the recent financial concerns, the casino has already been sued by investors, while concerned about the company's policy of managing profitable assets. At the time of writing, Caesars Entertainment is deeply involved in selling some of these assets and the names of the potential investors and buyers are yet to be disclosed. The company struggling with significant debt and there are even some who claim that they are heading to bankruptcy. Regarding the company's activities in Atlantic City, it looks like several casinos are on the blacklist and any of them could be sold. Caesars has a serious problem caused by the fact that their debt is increasingly being, while there are very few willing to spend a lot of money on their assets year. It's a bit ironic, that on one hand, an entity tries to sell casinos in Atlantic City unsuccessfully, while another company is denied the chance to purchase them. It looks like the Atlantic City casino are on a constant and seemingly unstoppable decline, with excess capacity and very few players interested. Some casinos have already been shut down and others are probably going to be terminated in the next couple of months. Caesars has a long list of properties…
via Casinoreviews
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Face Recognition

Face Recognition
Artificial Intelligence - FACE RECOGNITION
Arivon Technologies enables to explore the latest trends on Artificial Intelligence - FACE RECOGNITION and utilize the maximum benefits of this Technology. Please visit for more details. Contact us [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) .
It is used to identify a person by recognition his face. Now a days we are using Software to automate the process in systems. Those are several types, those are given below.
  • Recognition from outdoor facial images.
  • Recognition from non-frontal facial images.
  • Recognition at low false accept/alarm rates.
  • Understanding why males are easier to recognize than females.
  • Greater understanding of the effects of demographic factors on performance.
  • Development of better statistical methods for understanding performance.
  • Develop improved models for predicting identification performance on very large galleries.
  • Effect of algorithm and system training on covariate performance.
  • Integration of morphable models into face recognition performance.
  • Understanding the video sequences in FRVT 2002 did not improve performance.
  • Face recognition are using for government departments to easy their daily day process.
  • Face recognition are using for security lock purpose also.

Fig : Face Recognition
How Facial Recognition Systems Work
Anyone who has seen the TV show "Las Vegas" has seen facial recognition software in action. In any given episode, the security department at the fictional Montecito Hotel and Casino uses its video surveillance system to pull an image of a card counter, thief or blacklisted individual. It then runs that image through the database to find a match and identify the person. By the end of the hour, all bad guys are escorted from the casino or thrown in jail. But what looks so easy on TV doesn't always translate as well in the real world.
In 2001, the Tampa Police Department installed police cameras equipped with facial recognition technology in their Ybor City nightlife district in an attempt to cut down on crime in the area. The system failed to do the job, and it was scrapped in 2003 due to ineffectiveness. People in the area were seen wearing masks and making obscene gestures, prohibiting the cameras from getting a clear enough shot to identify anyone.
Boston's Logan Airport also ran two separate tests of facial recognition systems at its security checkpoints using volunteers. Over a three month period, the results were disappointing. According to the Electronic Privacy Information Center, the system only had a 61.4 percent accuracy rate, leading airport officials to pursue other security options.
Humans have always had the innate ability to recognize and distinguish between faces, yet computers only recently have shown the same ability. In the mid 1960s, scientists began work on using the computer to recognize human faces. Since then, facial recognition software has come a long way.
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Fintech Boom

2017 has been an interesting year for financial technology and the cyber world in general. Media campaigns and general industry momentum have brought the concept of crypto currency systems into the mainstream with surges in Ethereum and Bitcoin caused partially by waves of Chinese trying to get their wealth out of the country and bail on the communist system for better lives in other countries. The wall Street Journal, The New York Times and all of the major intelligence think tanks have articulated the global efforts of the Chinese government to contain this mass financial exodus sometimes using rather brutal and unethically coercive methods to slow the wave down and have rich expats return with their money and a new sense of loyalty.
Whatever the cause of the explosion in crypto currency and blockchain technologies being explored outside of the dark net world of drug transactions, hacker hardware and antiestablishment sentiment; the momentum and media hype is a great thing for the creators in Tech that are waiting for the opportunity to destroy entire species of dinosaurs unless the monopolistic type leverage of the banking establishment continues to prevent progress. The fact that its 2017 and people are waiting days for wires to go through when you could run a more secure system using biometrics and data verification algorithms to wire cash or other tokened assets over a secured blockchain system in a minute is ridiculous. The sad thing is that none of these technologies are expensive anymore so there isn’t an excuse. Certain smart phones have had advanced biometric technologies for years thanks to innovations from the defense and security sector that have trickled down to the private sector. When I was on the floor at the AUSA conference in 2013 they had retina scanners that could hit dozens of targets for identifications from over 40 yards away and the technology was on the floor for everyone without a clearance that paid their 50 dollars to see. From the vetted channels of data I’ve gathered from people working on security in Las Vegas advanced biometric technology consistently scans top Casinos and can identify blacklisted individuals in minutes that are put on larger private databases for other Casinos in the network. The fact that Banks aren’t operating with better security protocols and technologies publicly shows how little creativity is being infused in every aspect of consumer banking technology.
Other than regulations, nothing should prevent someone from starting a service that offers tokens for any asset you want backed up on some kind of ledger or database to prevent cyber-attacks that has nothing to do with the banks. You could lock down centers to pick up Cash or Gold secured by the greatest biometric technologies and security systems designed by the best and brightest from the intelligence community that are tired of dealing with politics and getting paid on a GS scale with such high IQ’s, wisdom, street smarts and technological knowledge that is 20 years ahead of the game in analytics and security capabilities.
Although we have begun to see the power of banking and general financial automation in the establishment, I strongly believe that the next Steve Jobs and Elon Musk’s of the Fintech world will rise from grassroots operations of unconventional and practical brilliance. In 5 years you should have AI that analyzes a combined data flow from your credit card spending, cyber behavioral profile and complete financial network that allows the free market to come to you in a way that is engineered to a designer economic lifestyle which evolves to your choosing with sceptic security measures installed. Current API’s that structure applications such as Mint are offering incredibly high speed and extensive account confirmation technology that is decades ahead of corporate cash management systems in speed and in regards to consumer behavioral reports for clients. Currently in Europe a regulation called PSD2 (which goes live in 2018) that ends the banks monopoly on user data could lead to the start of a revolution in consumer data analytics and cash management that will allow those with the best application and systems designs to emerge from the garages into the consumer space.
In conclusion the ability for a Fintech boom revolving around blockchain technologies, advanced biometrics, token systems and integrated consumer behavioral analytics could pop off at any time. The technologies are in play and have been established for so long in the shadows of the defense and security industrial complex that they will inevitably come to the consumer in some kind of revolutionary fashion soon.
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1/26/17 Thursday Stock Market Movers & News

Good morning traders of the StockMarket sub! Happy Thursday, January the 26th! Here are your stock movers & news for today-


Frontrunning: January 26






















  • BMY
  • JDST
  • DGAZ
  • CAT
  • HIMX
  • EBAY
  • BIIB
  • UGAZ
  • MSFT
  • JBLU
  • PRTO
  • CELG
  • BX
  • F
  • DUST
  • T
  • SDOW
  • MAT
  • IRWD
  • DOW
  • ADS
  • CARA
  • WDC


Comcast — The NBCUniversal parent reported adjusted quarterly profit of 89 cents per share, 2 cents above estimates, with revenue also beating forecasts. Comcast also announced a 2-for-1 stock split, a dividend increase of 15 percent, and an increase in its stock buyback program to $12 billion.


Ford Motor — The automaker matched estimates with fourth quarter profit of 30 cents per share, while revenue was above Street forecasts. Ford's full-year profit for 2016 was its second-best on record, trailing only its 2015 results.


Southwest Airlines — Southwest earned an adjusted 75 cents per share for its fourth quarter, beating estimates by 5 cents, while revenue was also above estimates. Southwest's beat came despite higher fuel costs and pay increases for its workers.


Caterpillar — The heavy equipment maker reported adjusted quarterly profit of 83 cents per share, beating estimates of 66 cents, but revenue was below forecasts. The company said results continue to be impacted by weak economic conditions around the world.


Pulte — The home builder reported quarterly profit of 67 cents per share, beating estimates of 59 cents. Pulte saw increases in both the number of homes sold and average selling prices.


Biogen — The drug maker earned an adjusted $5.04 per share for its latest quarter, beating estimates by 8 cents. However, revenue missed forecasts, and its 2017 revenue guidance also falls below Street forecasts. Analysts say Biogen is seeing relatively slow growth for its multiple sclerosis drugs.


Northrop Grumman — The defense contractor beat estimates by 17 cents with adjusted quarterly profit of $2.66 per share, with revenue also coming in above forecasts. Northrop saw better sales of in its aerospace systems business, which is involved in F-35 fighter jet production.


Stanley Black & Decker — The tool maker earned $1.71 per share for its latest quarter, 3 cents above estimates, with revenue very slightly below forecasts. Its earnings were lower year over year, hurt by higher restructuring costs.


Whirlpool — The world's largest appliance maker missed estimates by 11 cents with adjusted quarterly profit of $4.33 per share, though revenue did slightly beat forecasts. Declining sales in the U.K. following the Brexit vote was among the factors hurting its results.


AT&T — AT&T matched estimates with adjusted quarterly profit of 66 cents per share, but missing on the top line as it continued to lose phone and video customers.


Johnson & Johnson — J&J struck a deal to buy European biotech company Actelion for $30 billion, after weeks of talks.


Qualcomm — Qualcomm earned $1.19 per share for its latest quarter, 1 cent above estimates, but the chipmaker's revenue fell below forecasts. Investors, however, remain concerned about lawsuits over its patent licensing practices and a recent South Korean government fine.


Las Vegas Sands — Las Vegas Sands missed estimates by 4 cents with adjusted quarterly profit of 62 cents per share, with the casino operator's revenue falling slightly short of forecasts as well. Results were impacted by results in Macau, which accounts for the majority of the company's business.


EBay — EBay posted quarterly results in line with forecasts at an adjusted 54 cents per share, while revenue was also in line with Street forecasts. The company did give a lighter than expected current quarter outlook, but made optimistic comments about its revamped platform.


Kraft Heinz — The food producer struck a joint venture deal with Oprah Winfrey to create a new line of food products.


Mattel — Mattel fell 19 cents shy of estimates with adjusted quarterly profit of 52 cents per share, while the toy maker's revenue missed as well. The company cites significant discounting in the last few shopping days before Christmas.


Royal Bank of Scotland — The bank set aside nearly $4 billion for an expected settlement in the U.S. over the sale of mortgage-backed securities ahead of the 2008 financial crisis.


Diageo — Diageo posted better than expected quarterly sales, as the world's largest spirits maker saw improvements in its U.S. business.


Wal-Mart — The company escaped a possible $80 million fine when a judge refused to force the retailer to pay in a lawsuit involving California truck drivers. The jury had awarded the drivers more than $54 million in back pay, but the judge turned aside a motion for the extra penalty because he said the retailer had acted in good faith and believed it had been in compliance with California law.


Whole Foods Market — The grocery store operator is shutting down its three commercial kitchens, which manufacture ready-to-eat meals for stores. Whole Foods will outsource food preparation.


MoneyGram International — MoneyGram is near a deal to be bought by Alibaba unit Ant Financial Services, according to the Wall Street Journal. MoneyGram is a U.S. based money-transfer provider.


McKesson — McKesson posted better than expected quarter earnings, and the drug distributor also announced a deal to buy privately held software maker CoverMyMeds for about $1.1 billion.




bigbear0083 has no positions in any stocks mentioned. Reddit, moderators, and the author do not advise making investment decisions based on discussion in these posts. Analysis is not subject to validation and users take action at their own risk. bigbear0083 is an admin at the financial forums where this content was originally posted.


What is on everyone's radar for today's trading day ahead here at StockMarket?

Hope you all have a wonderful trading day ahead here on this Thursday, January the 26th! :)

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[TDIH] April 9th

Quote of the Day
The past revolutions show us only too well: “the red flag can be waved against the red flag” until the freikorps arrive.
— Theorie Communiste
Word of the Day
Top-Down — Denoting a system in which actions are initiated at the top of a hierarchy. One might think the opposite to be "bottom-up," but this still assumes an "up"; many grass-roots initiatives make this error, attempting to exert leverage through political channels rather than developing the power to achieve their goal autonomously. Better simply to topple pyramids than to attempt to defy gravity.
1553 — Francois Rabelais dies, Paris France. His last will states:
"I have nothing. I owe much. I leave the rest to the poor."
1626 — Death of Francis Bacon, statesman/philosopher.
1754 — New Old World: Letter from Indian slave trader to South Carolina Governor J. Glenn asking for permission to use one group of Indians to fight another:
"We want no pay, only what we can take & plunder, & what slaves we take to be our own."
1802 — Elias Lönnrot lives (1802 - 1884). Collector of folklore, linguist, medical doctor, professor in Finnish philology. Compiler of the Finnish national epic Kalevala for which he traveled among the Lapps, the Estonians & the Finnish for about 10 years interviewing & writing down their stories, poems & songs.
He also compiled a Finnish-Swedish dictionary & began the first magazine in Finnish, Mehiläinen (The Bee). Not enough: he also wrote & arranged psalms.
1821 — Charles Baudelaire lives (1821-1867), Paris.
One of the great 19th century French poets, who formed with Stéphane Mallarmé & Paul Verlaine the so-called Decadents. His translations of Edgar Allan Poe made Poe better known in France than the US. He became addicted to opium & hashish, & contracted syphilis, which proved lethal, while in law school.
When his Les Fleur du Mal appeared in 1857 all — author, publisher, & printer — are prosecuted & found guilty of obscenity & blasphemy.
After a lecture tour in Belgium he became seriously ill & died in Paris in his mother's arms.
"Genius is childhood recaptured."
1834 — France: In Lyon, the insurrection of the Silk workers begins. It is the beginning of the "Sanglante semaine" (Bloody Week).
1839 — Eadweard Muybridge, pioneered study of motion in photography, lives, Kingston upon Thames, England.
1859 — US: Caution? Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) is licensed as a Mississippi steamboat pilot in St. Louis after his two-year apprenticeship.
1865 — US: Civil War ends with Lee's surrender at the Appomattox courthouse. Over 500,000 lay dead (out of a 35 million population).
1866 — US: Congress passes a bill — over the veto of Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader President Andrew Johnson — guaranteeing the same civil rights to all persons born in the US (citizenship for all — except Indians, of course). The prez is empowered to use the Army to enforce the law.
1874 — US: Crapshoot? Muckleshoot Indian Reservation established (Washington State). (The casino came much later.)
1877 — Louis Rimbault, French anarchiste & vegetarian, lives (1877-1949).
1879 — William Claude Dukenfield, a.k.a. W. C. Fields, lives (or Jan 29?).
"Taint a fit night out for man nor beast..."
1880 — Maria Jotuni (1880 - 1943) lives, Kuopio. Novelist, playwright, one of the classic feminist authors in Finland. Jotuni was influenced by postnaturalism & impressionism, expressed in her choice of form: short stories, fragments of prose, impressions & dialog. She often shows society from a woman's point of view, as in her major novel, Huojuva Talo (1963).
1885 — France: During this month, début de la parution, à Paris, sous la direction de Jean Grave, de la deuxième série de l'organe anarchiste Le Révolté.
1894 — France: Hunger revolt in Lyons.
1898 — US: American Renaissance man Paul Robeson lives, Princeton, New Jersey. Football star, actor, singer, black liberation fighter.
During the Cold War, Robeson was not allowed to leave the Land of the Free & the Blacklist virtually destroyed his career. (Oddly, seemingly the same rightwingers who deny the Holocaust ever happened also deny existence of the Blacklist.)
Exiled communist, with a voice so international that it could be heard on the only juke box in the only public bar in the only hotel in Ulan Bator, Mongolia during the bad old days of Stalinism.
He renounced his US citizenship.
1908 — US: Beloved & Respected Comrade leader President Teddy Roosevelt investigates legality of not only barring anarchist propaganda that advocates political violence, but also prosecuting those who produce the material.
1914 — Admiral Henry T. Mayo, acting on his own, provokes an international incident by demanding a special 21-gun salute from Mexicans at Tampico. To save face Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader President Woodrow Wilson sent an American fleet to Veracruz, & occupied the city in retaliation for the arrest of US sailors in Tampico.
"They sell a little image of us in the markets of Mexico, with a bowie knife in one side of the girdle, & a Colt's revolver in the other, a huge loaf of bread in the left hand, & a slave whip in the right. That is America!"
— Wendell Phillips
1915 — US: Frank Abarno & Carmine Carbone, members of the Italian anarchist Gruppo Gaetano Bresci, accused of planting bombs in St. Patrick's Cathedral & the Church of St. Alphonsus on the five year anniversary (October 13, 1914) of the execution of Francisco Ferrer, are today sentenced to 6 to 12 years in prison.
1917 — English poet, Edward Thomas, dies in Arras, France.
1918 — Russia: In Moscow, anarchist black guards confiscate the car of the American ambassador.
The car is seized in an effort to effect the release of political prisoners & trade union militants imprisoned in America. This action serves as a pretext for the Bolshevik secret police, the Cheka, to mount a sweeping attack on the anarchists on the night of April 11.
1919 — Bavaria: Spartacus League attempts a military coup d'etat against Bavarian Councils Republic to establish a "proletarian dictatorship."
1919 — Bavaria: Second Bavarian Councils Republic destroyed by "Freikorps" under orders of Social-Democratic government.
1919 — John Presper Eckert, co-inventor of first electronic computer (ENIAC), lives.
1919 — The 8th 'Dada-Soirée', at the 'Kaufleuten-Saal.' During a reading of Walter Serner the audience begins with interjections & finally some of them attack the stage. The whole auditorium is in commotion & Dada-Zurich ends in tumult & chaos — just as it began.
1927 — US: Massachusetts: Death sentences for "those anarchistic bastards" (quote from the trial Judge Thayer during the trial) Nicolas Sacco & Bartolomeo Vanzetti are upheld.
...America how can I write a holy litany in your silly mood?
I will continue like Henry Ford my strophes are as individual as his
automobiles more so they're all different sexes
America I will sell you strophes $2500 apiece $500 down on your old strophe
America free Tom Mooney
America save the Spanish Loyalists
America Sacco & Vanzetti must not die...
— Allen Ginsberg
1928 — The 20th century's greatest living American classical composer, arranger, musician, singer: Folk singer, protester Tom Lehrer lives.
I'd like to take you now, on wings of song as it were, & try & help you forget for a while your drab, wretched lives.
— Tom Lehrer, "Poisoning Pigeons in the Park"
1930 — High Seas: IWW organizes 1700 member crew on the Leviathan, then the world's largest vessel.
1932 — Yippie! The 20th century's greatest living American journalist, The Realist editor Paul Krassner, lives! Accompanied Groucho Marx on his first LSD trip, cofounder of the Youth International Party. Yippie!!
1932 — Rock n' Roll's Carl Perkins lives, to wear Blue Suede Shoes.
"If it weren't for the rocks in its bed,
The stream would have no song."
— Carl Perkins
1936 — Italy: La Società delle Nazioni, riferendosi all'aggressione in Etiopia, accusa lo stato italiano di aver effettuato bombardamenti sulla popolazione civile, di aver condotto operazioni contro obiettivi contrassegnati dal simbolo della Croce Rossa, di aver utilizzato gas asfissianti. Sono accuse gravissime che dovrebbero spingere alla vergogna tutto il popolo italiano che, invece, continua ad esaltare lo stato fascista ed il suo duce.
1942 — Norway: Teachers returning from strike publicly reject Nazification.
1947 — US: First day of Freedom Ride, the "Journey of Reconciliation," sponsored by CORE & FOR, with white & black activists riding (otherwise) segregated buses through four southern states.
April 9-23 Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) sponsors interstate bus ride to test June 3, 1946 Supreme Court ruling that Negro passengers can not be forced to sit at the back; Bayard Rustin, of the Fellowship of Reconciliation, Igal Roodenko, & Joseph Felmet serve 30 days on a chain gang. Lynchings in the south have reached 1918 levels, as Negro G.I.s return, talk of getting the rights they fought for.
1948 — Colombia: If they do not kill him, Jorge Eliécer Gaitán will be president.
Buy him, they cannot. To what temptation will he succumb who despises the pleasures, who is single, who eats little, drinks nothing & refuses anesthesia to remove a tooth?
The poor & ragged ones adore him, flock to hear him speak. They say when Gaitán speaks it breaks the fog in Bogota.
The arrogant caudillo, tidbit statue face, speaks the naked language of the oligarchy, sitting on the knees of the imperialistic ventriloquist — an oligarchy without its own life, its own words, mouthing agrarian reform & other truths that end a lie.
— ¡Lo mataron! ¡Lo mataron! —
In the street, three shots. Time has run out, Gaitán is left unemployed... Jorge Eliécer Gaitán is assassinated. Listening, earthquake noises, a human avalanche comes to him above. From suburbs & hills, advances a whirlwind, a hurricane of the pain & wrath comes sweeping the city, breaking show windows, upsetting street cars, setting afire buildings...
—Eduardo Galeano, Century of the Wind
1948 — Palestine: Menachem Begin's Irgun & Stern Gang terrorists murder about 120 men, women & children of the neutral Palestinian-Arab village of Deir Yassin near Jerusalem (Deir Yassin massacre).
1950 — France: A group of lettrists — including Serge Berna, Jean-Louis Brau, Ghislain Desnoyers de Marbaix & Michel Mourre — perpetrates the Notre-Dame Scandal, when Mourre, dressed as a Dominican monk, reads a sermon prepared by Berna announcing the death of God at Easter mass.
1956 — US: African American songster Nat King Cole is beaten up by a group of racial segregationists in Birmingham, Alabama.
1963 — Winston Churchill, 88, is proclaimed an honorary US citizen by Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Boot-Legger's son, John. Dad Joe Kennedy, Ambassador to England & a notorious WWII right-wing defeatist, rolls in his grave.
1966 — US: Week of Angry Arts Vietnam Mobilization fund raiser at Longshoremen’s Hall, 400 North Point St., in Frisco.
1967 — US: Digger Emmett Grogan arrives in NY (6 week trip, having left someplace about March 1).
1967 — US: Second day of riots in Nashville, following Stokely Carmichael's speech at Fisk University.
1969 — US: Deanie Babies?: Harvard students take over the campus administration building, ousting the deans. 300 led by SDS seize University Hall. More action to come over next few days.
1976 — Folk singer Phil Ochs hangs himself at his sister's house, Far Rockaway, NY.
1979 — Longest doubles ping-pong match of 101 hours, begins.
1981 — Canada: Members of Big Stone Cree end a 250 mile march to Edmonton, Alberta, to highlight economic plight of Big Stone Cree in northern Alberta.
1984 — US: One day after his administration announces it will not recognize the Worlds Court's jurisdiction over the mining of Nicaraguan harbors, Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader acting President Reagan proclaims May 1 as "Law Day USA."
1986 — US: The Sam Goody record chain & top company executive are convicted of trafficking in pirated tapes.
1989 — US: Over 300,000 choice supporters march in Washington, D.C., to defend the Supreme Court's 1973 Roe v. Wade decision. A 1985 poll showed that 74 percent of the country did not believe that abortion could be outlawed again. But with the right to choose clearly in danger, agitated volunteers have inundated the National Organization for Women, the National Abortion Rights Action League, Planned Parenthood, the American Civil Liberties Union & the Fund for the Feminist Majority.
1992 — Comedian Sam Kinison dies when a pickup truck slams into his car on a desert road between L.A. & Las Vegas.
1995 — US: Over 100,000 at Rally For Women's Lives, Washington, DC.
1997 — Mad Cow Disease — while much of the world shuns British cows, a Cambodian newspaper suggested yesterday that the animals be shipped to Cambodia & allowed to roam free & detonate the millions of land mines littering the country.
1999 — The People's Poetry Gathering, sponsored by City Lore, is scheduled to take place all around Manhattan. (April 9-11)
2002 — Phil Ochs Tribute, Tractor Tavern in Seattle, Washington. Includes local musicians such as Baby Gramps, Reggie Garrett.
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